Once again – where are the jobs, Mr. President?

Posted by: ST on June 28, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Our celebrity President went to the state of his first political victory of Campaign 2008 to try and convince them that the American economy has ‘turned a corner’:

President Obama asked for patience in reversing job losses that he said were a decade in the making, in a campaign-style appearance that sought to recall some of the excitement of his long-shot candidacy in 2008.

Returning to the state that set him on a path to the White House, Obama visited an Alcoa factory Tuesday to underscore the importance of advanced manufacturing in America’s economic recovery.

He cited strides made in rehiring manufacturing workers who had been laid off during the recession, part of about 2 million private sector jobs created in the last 15 months. But as he often does in such speeches, he conceded that the economic recovery hasn’t touched large swaths of the workforce.

Wearing a white shirt and tie — no suit jacket in sight — Obama said, “For a lot of Americans, those numbers don’t matter if they’re still out of work or if they have a job that doesn’t pay enough to pay the mortgage, to pay the bills. So we’ve got more work to do and that work is going to take some time. The problems that we developed didn’t happen overnight. We’re not going to solve them overnight either, but we will solve them.”

The Alcoa plant produces advanced aerospace and military parts, including the wings of Air Force One. It was chosen to highlight improvements in the manufacturing sector. The Bettendorf plant now employs 2,200 people — more than before the recession kicked in.

Will a majority of Iowans buy it come November 2012? A look at the post-2008 registration numbers in Iowa indicates Obama’s lukewarm speeches on the economy will likely be a tough sell:

Much has changed since Obama’s triumph in the caucuses. Iowa is a swing state that Obama will be hard-pressed to hold in 2012. Since he took office, Iowa Republicans have eaten into the Democrats’ registration advantage and also picked up the governor’s seat and a majority of state Assembly seats.

When Obama was sworn in, Iowa had 111,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. This month, the Democratic registration advantage stood at 36,000.

The Eastern Iowa county that Obama visited illustrates the political perils. In 2008 Obama easily carried Scott County, the third-largest in the state. But in the midterm elections last year, county voters backed Republican Terry Branstad for governor with 51% of the vote.

“This is going to be a jobs election and it’s only going to become painfully obvious that the only job the president is interested in saving is his own,’’ Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning. “He’s in Iowa today because he’s interested in saving his job.’’

Unemployment lineAnd, of course, while it’s up to the people to decide whether or not President Obama gets another four years to “fundamentally transform” America, this President -as evidenced by all the “we”‘s in his speech – still doesn’t understand that it’s not government that will get this economy turned around it’s the people. I hate to sound cliche, but the best thing the government can do is to get the heck out of the way and let people who actually know how to run businesses aid in getting the economy moving again. This will happen, in large part, once the stifling regulations put in place by this administration are relaxed, ObamaCare is repealed or dismantled piece by piece, public sector unions cease to be coddled by state governments, and taxes and fees are lowered.

Even Obama’s own Chief-of-Staff recognizes that many of the anti-business economic policies of this administration are simply “indefensible.” He gets it. Too bad our current WH occupant does not.

Then again, it’s not exactly surprising that nearly two and a half years after he took the oath of office promising “a new day” in America – and, essentially, a chicken in every pot, Obama still has not reversed course on the economy, even in the face of the obvious- because you are never, ever supposed to try and confuse a diehard liberal with the facts. In fact, if there were Nobel Peace Prizes given for willful ignorance by a world leader, this President would be a top contender.

Oh, wait

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11 Responses to “Once again – where are the jobs, Mr. President?”


  1. maddogg says:

    Everybody knows that Comrade Zero saved 50 bazillion jobs with the stimulous package. Proof? You don’t need no stinkin’ proof. He done tole ya.
    Comrade Zero doesn’t like job producing private enterprise, he like government jobs, government waste, dependence on the state so you know how you better vote, and unions that carry the hammer and sickle flags while chanting “tax the rich”. Who are the rich? Do you have a non union/government job? If so YOU ARE.

  2. Brontefan says:

    The guy obviously loves the sound of his voice and will make up any numbers to make himself more important. No offense meant but some of the problems we are experiencing are not Bush’s fault. Try Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, & Barney Frank to name a few… who continued to insist Fannie & Freddie were solvent. And just how is BO counting his jobs? Perhaps it’s off the website that Biden is supposedly operating? I am fed up with seeing this guy on TV and listening to his words on the radio. Some of us feel as if he has been Prez for ten years already. I’m ready for him to leave.

  3. nina says:

    They must be in those extra 7 states he only knows …..

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    Interesting that he is in Iowa spouting meaningless statistics while he has supposedly taken charge of the economic summit in DC. And statistics are like a prostitute; you can do just about anything you like with them.

  5. Kate says:

    Ah yes, I ah, inherited this ah problem ah, and it’s ah gonna take time to ah get this ah economy working.

    In the time it takes him to give a speech real work can be done to take down the barriers that keep business in check today. Alcoa is doing okay, in part due to GOVERNMENT contracts…that is so free market. So show up there…I am sure they are also a UNION shop. Great audience, no questions, no protests….peace in the little kingdom.

  6. Jim McDonald says:

    Decade in the making? How about when clinton repealed glass/steagall and removed market controls? Well, I guess for a guy that thinks there are 57 States, a decade is close…

  7. Paul says:

    I wonder where those jobs are too…President Obama please tell us where they are !!

  8. Tex says:

    Well, Obama at least got it half right. He did create several million new jobs with his economic policies. But unfortunately for us Americans he created them in India and China.

  9. Lorica says:

    Iowa is a tough call when it comes to what happened in 2008 and then in 2010. Most of the reason Iowa went for Branstadt is due to Chet Culver being a complete and utter idiot. Chet also had the problem with the film promotion office scandal. It was a huge mess. Also Chet had a problem with the whole Iowa Supreme court ruling regarding gay marriage. 3 Supreme court judges lost their happy jobs due to that and Bradstadt told Iowa that if they could get a gay marriage ban passed he would sign it. Alot of Iowans were just damn unhappy about that judgement, and Chet lost his job, and Iowa did something they had never done before, recalled judges.

    Now regarding President Obama being at Alcoa. Word on the street is that the Pres, was offering tax breaks to Alcoa so they didn’t ship these jobs to China. A few years ago Alcoa threatened to move the jobs to a plant they bought in Russia if their contract negotiations with the union didn’t go their way. Alcoa is a good company to get in with, but they can be tough to work for.

    I do have to wonder if the Pres didn’t tell Alcoa he would end their Defense contracts if they did that. Just wondering. – Lorica

    P.S. Ohhh also regarding 2008 elections, There were a ton of crossover votes from Illinois in Scott county. In the Iowa caucus I have seen pictures of IL school buses sitting in front of IA schools to ensure IA went for Obama. When the actual elections happened alot of the poorer folk in this area live in IL, but get their car license plates from IA, they do this because IA is so much cheaper to license a car. Anyway I have heard that alot of these people registered in IA to make sure Obama won Iowa over McCain.

  10. PE says:

    Jobs Hell!! Sufficient unto this term is the evil thereof.