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Posted by: Phineas on July 4, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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Happy Independence Day! While you’re enjoying cookouts and fireworks, here are some links I think you’ll find of interest:

The Basics:

The Fourth of July commemorates the publication of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Take a moment to read what is, in essence, our vision statement. And while the 4th isn’t specifically about the Constitution, a refresher-reading of our nation’s operator’s manual is never out of order. (Unless you’re a progressive Democrat in Congress, but that’s another story.)

Further Reading:

The 4th of July isn’t just our Independence Day, but it was also the day of freedom for the Israeli hostages held at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. Today is the 35th anniversary of that amazing operation.

Some of the lesser-known Founders, signers of the Declaration, are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

We’re at war with Muslims who’ve chosen to wage jihad against us. Robert Spencer compares what we defend to what we defend against.

We’ve all heard of the Declaration of Independence. But, let’s face it, folks: it’s old and probably too hard for some to understand. Thankfully, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute has the lowdown on its replacement, perfect for the modern age: The Declaration of Dependence.

At Big Peace, a Cuban refugee says thank you to America.

The Republic is in danger, and the Fourth of July is its source! According to a Harvard study, patriotic events like Independence Day parades create more Republicans. The horror…

(Actually, it probably is horrifying in Harvard.)

Finally, and speaking of Republicans, here’s a transcript of an essay Ronald Reagan wrote on the eve of his first Independence Day as president: What July Fourth Means to Me. He was truly special.

Enjoy the holiday, folks!

UPDATE: One last link. At Blood of Prokopius, Father Dave, an Orthodox priest with an interest in roleplaying games and religion, looks at the Declaration of Independence from a Christian perspective.

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3 Responses to “Independence Day link-a-palooza”


  1. Happy Independence Day! God Bless America!**==

  2. Carlos says:

    Face it, Phineas. Hawvud itself is horrifying to most of us out here in the hinterlands. Take a look at the phony scholar they’ve foisted upon us this time. He won’t release his records because 1) they probably reflect a dual citizenship, 2) they probably reflect a certain mideastern faith we just happen to be in a death struggle with at the moment, and 3) they probably reflect grades (even as an affirmative action student that can’t get less than a 3.5 no matter how bad they are) that show him to be as incompetent a student as he is a president.

    BTW, just came back from Vegas via Death Valley and Fresno. It’s really too bad the state’s politicians aren’t as good as the scenery, farmlands, etc.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    According to a Harvard study, patriotic events like Independence Day parades create more Republicans.

    Actually, I’d say patriotic events create more conservatives than Republicans, but since the conservative Democrat is now pretty much extinct, I won’t argue the point.

    But why would anyone be surprised? Consider:

    * Whenever you see a mob of demonstrators burning the American flag, they’re Democrats. You don’t see that at Tea Party or GOP gatherings.

    * Whenever you see some ideologue making a point by trampling on the flag, it’s a Democrat. Exhibit A, of course, being Sir Golfalot’s mentor, Bill Ayres.

    * Whenever you hear some raving nutcase screaming “God Damn America” from a pulpit or podium, it’s a Democrat.

    * Whenever some politician spends time apologizing for America and bemoaning how wrong we are, it’s a Democrat.

    So no matter how much the leftists whimper about us “questioning their patriotism”, my response to the Harvard study is….. Well, DUH!