Weekend Open Thread – and a big thank you to my co-blogger!

Getting ready to head out for the day to run errands, shop, eat, shop, shop some more … :)

I also wanted to take a moment to give a big “THANK YOU” to my co-blogger Phineas aka Anthony aka @IrishSpy – this weekend marks his one year anniversary of co-blogging here! I am indebted to him for life for the help he has given me. You have to understand that, for many bloggers, handing over the keys to your blog is sort of like giving someone the keys to your house – you’re very protective of it, and only want people you can trust in it. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve had guest-blog here – Phineas among them – and was blown away when he said “yes” to my proposal of having him become more than just a guest-blogger here … because the proposal included no pay, and in these days with everyone being so busy and having so many obligations (and, of course, trying to find a life in between all that!), unless you make it worth their while, they’re not often inclined to accept such an offer.

Yet he was gracious enough to do so.

As I’ve mentioned before, my time has been limited the last year or so between the “real life” responsibilities of a full time job and personal responsibilities, which include helping in the caretaking of my dad, whose health issues I’ve written about previously. Not only does Phineas help in providing fresh, thought-provoking content here when I’m unable to, but he does so without complaint – and has expressed his dislike of “dead air” on a blog, which he knows I’m not fond of either. ;)

I have not much to offer him outside of praise, so please feel free to heap praise on him, too, in thanks of all he has written here and at his own blog. He does this even though he, too, has a hectic schedule that doesn’t always give him time to do what he would like to online.

^:)^ ^:)^ So cheers – to Phineas! ^:)^ ^:)^

Lake Gaston - NC

Sunrise photo of NC's Lake Gaston courtesy of planetware.com.