Just to be clear, there is no minimum age for marriage in Islam

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After all, Muhammad married Aisha (his favorite wife) when she was six. But, lest you think him a lech, he did at least wait until she was nine before consummating the marriage.

From Saudi Arabia’s Iqra TV, listen as cleric Muhammad al-Arifi assures us that there is no minimum age for marriage in Islam:

And here’s the transcript:

Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: There is no agreed-upon minimum age for the marriage of a boy or a girl. It depends upon their maturity. Let’s assume that someone wants to marry your 20-year-old daughter. But your daughter’s mentality and capabilities… She wouldn’t know how to handle it. You feel that her marriage is bound to fail, because she has no understanding of how she is supposed to behave. You think that this girl is not ready to get married. It would be best to wait two or three years.

We don’t want to marry her off, and then have her husband divorce her after 2-3 weeks, saying: “What is this?! This girl doesn’t know what to do, she has no appreciation of marital life. She knows nothing.” In such a case, it is better to delay marrying her off.

In the days of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, people would get married at a younger age. For example, how old was ‘Aisha when the Prophet Muhammad married her? I will give you a hint.

Member of panel of Saudi youth: She was seven years old.

Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: And how old was she when he had sex with her?

Member of panel: Fourteen.

Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: Fourteen?! No way, she was nine. You are getting married tonight and you still can’t count…

She was nine years old. People might think it is strange that he married such a young girl. But this was the age at which they used to get married. The proof is that when the Prophet told Abu Bakr that he wanted to marry ‘Aisha – what did Abu Bakr say? He said: “You are more than welcome, oh Messenger of Allah, but my daughter is already engaged.” At seven years old she was already engaged.


If a girl’s physical and mental build allows her to get married, it is okay for her to get married. There is no minimum age for a girl’s marriage set by Islam.

Al-Arifi tries to minimize the skincrawl-factor (1) by saying “this is how they used to do it, back then,” but arranged marriages of children to adults are still common in countries ruled by Islamic tradition, including Saudi Arabia. In fact, in 2009, a top Saudi cleric went so far to say that prohibiting the marriage of a 12-year old girl to an adult was unfair — to the girl.

And did you notice something telling about this panel? There was not a single woman on it. No one to give a woman’s point of view, because a woman’s point of view isn’t worth considering; she isn’t as intelligent as a man, you see, and so couldn’t really understand the subtle issues involved. This is one facet of the degraded state of women subject to Sharia law, which makes them little better than property under the control of men. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written movingly about this.


(1) That’s a technical term for the revulsion one feels when considering a pedophile.

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6 Responses to “Just to be clear, there is no minimum age for marriage in Islam”


  1. maddogg says:

    Yes, it’s true that Muhammad al-Arifi married his camel when she was only 6, but he waited until she was 7 before consumating the marriage. Not so lucky were his donkey, goat, and chicken wives…

  2. Great White Rat says:

    This is the key line to me:

    You feel that her marriage is bound to fail, because she has no understanding of how she is supposed to behave.

    In other words, she should be married off when she accepts the idea that she is simply property of her husband, like his house or camel (except much less useful). By that standard, a woman probably should get married very young, before she has time to mature and develop her character and intelligence fully….and she no longer goes along with those 7th-century ideas of “how she is supposed to behave”.

  3. Zilla says:

    This is one of the many reasons why I call it the cult of stupid.

  4. nina says:

    Sick people in many ways.

  5. Carlos says:

    Yeah, it’s not bad enough that we have all the perverts we already do, and the hispanics are pushing for it to be ok for adult men to marry 9, 10, 11-year olds, now we gotta put up with sharia law and (because no one culture is better or worse than any other) legalized child rape.

    Wonder if the left will EVER tumble to the fact that not all cultures are equal?

    Probably not, but there’s always hope, I guess.

    Also, I wonder if Obhammud would be so silent about all this if it was one of his precious little darlings involved?

  6. captaingrumpy says:

    Islam is known the world over for “a man’s religion”. Women are treated like property,BUT you will see no aggression from women’s rights groups because they are GUTLESS and only pick on those religions that will will give in.Women’s rights groups are FALSE.It’s about time someone stepped up and called Islam what it is.
    A man’s club for the persecution of women.