Tiny body, big heart

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Must be seen to be believed: a chihuahua terrorizes shotgun-wielding robbers…

That’s going to make those thugs’ reputation back in the ‘hood.

Good doggie!

PS: Of course, as anyone knows, a cat would just have gone full-auto.

UPDATE: The diminutive tough-guy’s name is “Paco,” and he’s now a TV star.

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6 thoughts on “Tiny body, big heart

  1. When I used to run the only dogs I feared were chihuahuas because they were the only dogs that ever chased me and tried to bite me. They never give up!

  2. LOL! Our director’s admin asst has an Attack Chihuahua protecting the lab with signs posted to that effect.

  3. I was just talking with my cousin’s neighbor on Sunday about her chihuahua. (My little sister had one when we were kids, and he was a loyal, tough little guy, too.) I recommended to her the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” I was surprised it was so much fun. Pampered pooch gets turned out in the wild and finds his inner rottweiler.

  4. My mother in law had one that used to hide under the couch.Whenever we visited,it would nip the back of our shoes from under the couch.I thought it was scared of us ,but now I believe it was in a better attack position.

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