Video: “Shovel Ready”

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Another amusing video from the Power Line contest to see who could come up with the best way to explain our national debt problem via pop culture. This wasn’t a winner, but I liked it. Kind of a catchy tune.

The Pelosi-Frank cameo might give me nightmares, though…

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I guess “shared sacrifice” does not apply to unions?

I’m getting really sick of hearing the term “shared sacrifice” – especially when it comes from our celebrity President (and other liberal “leaders”) as he seeks to try to convince the American people that the “rich” aren’t paying their “fair share” of taxes, but a thought came to mind to me this afternoon and it made me boil: “the rich” (aka the job creators) are supposed to pony up even more money in these uncertain economic times, made even more uncertain by the clueless wonder sitting in the Oval Office, yet fat cat unionistas and members (like this union crowd Nancy Pelosi spoke in front of earlier today) aren’t supposed to be touched to any meaningful degree?


Video: The Debt Star

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For most of the past summer, the Power Line blog has been running a contest offering $100,000 to the person or group who could, in any medium, best illustrate our national debt problem. The judges have made their decisions, and the winners are being gradually announced. My favorite so far is number eight, called “Weight.” I like to think of it as “The Debt Star,” for reasons you’ll see:

It carries a serious message and yet made me laugh. Well done!

You can see more finalists here.

One of the problems conservatism has had in modern America in getting its message across has been the surrender of popular culture and art to the Left. Countering this is one reason Andrew Breitbart founded Big Hollywood. The Power Line contest is another strategy in that same battle. (1) But it will only work if you spread the word (rather than the wealth). As John Hinderaker writes:

My request to you is: steal these videos! Email them to your friends; post them on Facebook; tweet them; if you have a web site, put them up. The idea of the Power Line Prize contest was to stimulate the creation of a lot of new ways to educate people about the debt crisis, not just a few. So the more people who see these videos, hear the songs, and view the other media, the better.

I’m looking forward to the rest.

(1) Oh, no! Violent, martial rhetoric! Run!

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