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Posted by: ST on July 30, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Enjoy the day, everyone. :)

Oro Valley

Photo via @TucsonWX - 'A nice east breeze and a beautiful sunrise to start the day. Good Morning from Oro Valley!'
July 30, 2011

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  1. JoeHaisley says:

    Beautious sunrise ;)

  2. I linked your blog and your “fan mail” page for my post Democrats, The Left, And Their Tone Of Civility. I also copied and pasted one of your “fan letters” as a representative sample.

  3. Lorica says:

    I am thinking that President Obama is putting a rush on this deal due to the fact that he doesn’t want the people to know just how completely useless 50% of the Government really is. Much like the Gov of MN “caving”, when I actually think the article from the Star Trib, proved that most people get along quite well without the gov, and he didn’t want it to become popular thought. – Lorica

  4. @Lorica-

    The bad thing about this is it is Obama who gets to decide what gets funded and what doesn’t. I think just from that we can count on Border Security being slashed. And for that matter, look for just enough cuts in the ATF to warrant getting rid of a few renegade agents that don’t tow the Obama line in regards to Fast And Furious. Or if nothing else just the threat of layoffs might be just enough to shut some people up.

    You can bet your bacon the EPA will get all the funds it needs to make sure they can keep on hassling American business the same as usual, along with the FDA.

    Granny will be out on the streets living in a cardboard box before he cuts the EPA, you can count on that.

  5. Brontefan says:

    Obama has decided who “wins” & who loses all along!

    I would like to point out that the last major grassroots movement was the anti-war movement during Vietnam. I remember it well because I was wearing the Navy uniform. That movement, which is so admired by our current administration [Bill Ayres] was militant, violent, engaged in bombings, and made front page news. No one called them Nazis.

    The current grassroots movement is the Tea Party; we are not militant or violent and we don’t engage in bombings. It was the Tea Party patriots who CLEANED UP after the slobs at the Wisconsin Capitol Bldg. Yet, I read a headline: “Kerry: Tea Party A “Group Of Absolutists” Who Don’t Understand What They’re Doing”~ on Real Clear Politics….John Kerry? I was wearing the uniform when he was slamming the military in the Senate hearings. Could these people be more hypocritical? I understand exactly what we [Tea Party] are doing; I understand our goal–fiscal responsibility & fiscal solvency. The only person who evidently doesn’t understand is John Kerry! Even the Prez gets it.. which is why he is doing everything in his power to maintain his blank check.

  6. One of the biggest problems that American Progressives and American conservatives have is a lack of communication. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the past few years with the Heath care bill and now with the debt ceiling crisis. I don’t know what conservatives want and this is a big part of the problem. Over the course of the rest of the day, I will be posting this question on 100 conservative blogs as well as at media outlets in comments:

    “It is 2013, you have a supermajority in both the House and the Senate and a true conservative GOP president. What are the top ten things that you would want to see come out of government in the two years you would have certainty that a conservative agenda will be carried out?”

    Your options are open. You can respond at the post for this question at our blog or if you’re not comfortable going to a liberal blog you can post your answers inline here and they’ll be retrieved by a member of my crack staff.

    Diane Valencen
    Editorial Page Editor

    [q c p n!]

  7. Lorica says:

    In all honesty Diane, I don’t know how you go from sentence 1 to sentence 3 on this post using President Obama’s massive spending healthcare law.

    We have and will continue to communicate. Washington DC has a spending problem. Remember the glee on Nancy’s face as she was shouting to her side of the aisle after they voted for the “stimulus”?? What exactly did all of that waste do for America. Well now that it is all spent we know, it did nothing. The President and his defenders chatter on about 2 unpaid for wars and tax cuts and inherited this problem. Such BS. They created this problem, with all of their talk of wringing more taxes out of business and paying their fair share. The lack of budgets in 2007, 2009, 2010, and now 2011. The huge waste of the stimulus and the tarp. All of this weighs in on the problems we face now. This is just part of what has been communicated in the last few years. This is part of what was communicated in the 2010 elections. This is what we want. A government that is responsible to the people. When the President talks about shared suffering, we want to see it from and for everyone. Not just the wealthy, perhaps it is time to revisit the Earned Income tax credit. If everyone should be paying their fair share, that should include everyone. There should be a new standard, you cannot get out of the gov more than you paid in, and that should also include SSN. Long gone are the days that a person can pay 25 bucks into the system, and get back 21,000. Wanna save SSN, there you go. You paid in 150K you get back out 150K. Which is roughly what I and my employers have paid in over the many years I have been paying into the system. Which is going to double in the time before I retire, and I am going to lose it all if they don’t start doing the right thing for everyone.

    Also, on a personal note, it is time that when the President signs a law, it is a law, no exceptions. Maybe then the back room deal making will end, and the new American royalty, Congress, will start to do what’s right for everyone and not just themselves and their pathetic careers. – Lorica

  8. Lorica says:

    To John McCain:

    This hobbit will never ever consider giving you money again. You are a tool, and a fool, being used by people who laugh behind your back.

    To any Candidate who supports John McCain:

    Hell will freeze over before I send you one thin dime if you throw your support to John McCain. It is time to get rid of people who only compromise by caving i.e. John McCain.

    To the People of Arizona:

    It is time to retire this man. Anyone who can turn against his largest voter base, for his presidential bid, has either lost his mind or is being used as a tool once again. I suspect the latter. Please do the Republican party a favor, and let him enjoy is latter years with nothing to do but keep his wife happy. – Lorica

  9. George Robinson says:

    Poor Diane
    Of course my eyes glazed over before I finished but I gather someone showed them how to blog or beg or something. Amusing, they just can’t seem to get the real answer—what do we want from Gov?—the absolute minimum to still function. Personally I’d privatize the military and only have toll roads, but I suppose that is a bit minimalist for McCainiacs–or Maineiacs come to that.

  10. FrankNitti says:

    like to go over to msnbc and read the forums…..they are turning on barry, calling for his resignation…..it’s hilarious.:d

  11. Lorica says:

    Ohhhhh Great, the poor Military takes a budget beating once again. WTF?!?!?! – Lorica

  12. Kate says:

    I talked to a pretty pissed off service men in NYC two weeks ago…he gets the picture. He pointed to the people walking through Madison Square Park and nailed it….they cared more about their little pocket pooches than they did the average GI. I wouldn’t want anyone in the military to be angry at me. I want them on my side when the real rebellion begins. I am not kidding. This would be a serious situation if you don’t pay those in service to their country.