New Pawlenty ad smacks Obama hard

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And it stings so bad because it’s true and uses the President’s and his advisers’ own words to make Governor Pawlenty‘s case:

It’s a shame Pawlenty’s never caught on; aside from early stumbles over global warming and a flirtation with the individual mandate, he has a very creditable record as a conservative governor in a liberal state. I think he has a lot to offer… but I also think he’s done after Iowa.

Great ad, though.

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4 thoughts on “New Pawlenty ad smacks Obama hard

  1. Obama is like a jar of air: when you examine it, you find yourself asking the question, “Is it really full of air, or is it just empty?”

  2. It is a great ad, but it could be for ANY candidate. It doesn’t tell me why TPaw would be a good president, just that our current one is a bad one.

  3. I just got an email from KOOZZOO about global warming fallacy,and I hope everyone watches it. Google Koozzoo. Australia’s Carbon Tax is from….Al Gore,believe it or not.

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