One reason why visiting Mexico may be a not-good idea

Posted by: Phineas on August 12, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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That little problem of being caught in the middle:

A Valley mother says night terrors and fear are all she has left after armed men stole her sense of security. The woman says she’s trying to stay strong for her seven children.

She ran the gates, breaking them, at the Donna International Bridge to get away. The hardest part for the mother is that her 8-year-old daughter watched as a man pointed a rifle at her. She promised the girl they weren’t going to die.

“My life changed and I want to be the same person that I was, you know?” the woman says.

Apparently Mom and daughter had stumbled across a gang robbing the bridge crew. Wisely, the mother decided not to wait around to see if there was a “no witnesses” policy in force; she jumped the median and crashed her van through the gates on the US side of the bridge. My assumption is that surprising the Mexican gunmen like this probably is what saved her and her child’s life.

Though I have to ask: For what reason, barring an emergency, would anyone cross the border into Mexico these days, when violence is rampant and government authority barely exists in the border region? And why on Earth take your child?

(Guessing: She has relatives on the other side and thought it would be safe.)

Take a look at this map: the bridge is just east of McAllen, site of the Border Patrol station that was the subject of an excellent book, Patrolling Chaos. On the other side is the, to put it nicely, “troubled” city of Reynosa, a primary battleground between the Zeta and Gulf cartels, and occasionally the Mexican military. There have been grenade attacks; a nearby town was abandoned because of cartel violence.

Pardon me, ma’am, but while I admire your bravery and while I sympathize with your fear, your common sense leaves a little to be desired.

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6 Responses to “One reason why visiting Mexico may be a not-good idea”


  1. Tex says:

    I’ve been across the border from Texas into Mexico (Reynosa, Matamoros, Nueva Laredo) on my way to Monterey before. Its like jumping out of “Singing’ in the Rain” and into “Saving Private Ryan”. I wouldn’t go there again even with a detachment of Navy Seal Team 6.

    The Hispanics born and raised for generations on this side of the border in Texas, who still have relatives living across the border in Mexico, used to go there without any problems up until about 10 years ago. Now they wouldn’t go there for a million dollars. So many of them from Texas have simply disappeared never to be heard from again after crossing over into Mexico to visit in the past 4 years. The place is Iraq and Afghanistan rolled into one.

  2. There were four Mexican military trucks that crossed that bridge last month. Back in February, they crossed over at another bridge over the Rio Grande near Mission.

    This is where I grew up, in deep South Texas. So much of it has changed, for the worse. It used to be safe to go across the border into Reynosa, eat dinner, shop, get cheap liquor. My grandparents, when they were alive, used to go to Progreso to get their medicine. Now? Forget it. I hear alot from friends who live down there about how bad it’s gotten.

  3. Carlos says:

    Another shining example of liberal, leftist policies taken to their logical ends.

    I’m sure the socialist policies of the Mexican administrations going back a couple of generations were thought by them to be benign, but, as any idiot can see (but not a leftist, liberal or socialist) intent has nothing to do with the reality of the destruction such policies inevitably bring.

  4. Lorica says:

    More dangerous than Falujah. Where is all the crybaby whining from those on the left who were falsely concerned about the peoples of Iraq?? You would think you would hear them screaming loud and proud regarding the crimes this administration has committed on the people of Mexico. Oh I forget with whom I am talking about. It is only a crime if they can trump up something a Republican has done, and these people only have pride in useless things like like the chaos caused by the rampaging teens in England.

    Liberals, they are a people without honor or logic, they are a blight upon this country. They live off of other peoples labor, and sneer thru upturned noses at the little people who do it. There is a curse upon this land and it is liberalism. – Lorica

  5. captaingrumpy says:

    Have ANY of the Republican candidate stated they will seal the Border. If they have,I haven’t heard them..

  6. 2/ 325th AIR says:

    Taking a carload of kids to Mexicanistan probably isnt the greatest idea….what were the border patrol agents on the US side doing when a van full of kids crashed the gates? Is this article trying to state that there were no agents at this border, or that they stood by and watched an American citizen and her family assaulted, while standing by while the road crew wsa robbed and assaulted??? I quetsion “moms” intelligence, sypathize with her light, but still want to know where American security was and hat they werent doing when this happened!:-w