Thursday Night Open Thread – and Irene Update


Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve not blogged much in the last couple of days. My schedule has been crazy. I come home some days from work and all I want to do is collapse on the couch and not do anything else. Not only that, but I’ve had a lot on my mind lately as my dad – who has been suffering from kidney disease – will be going in for his first dialysis treatment tomorrow. Obviously, the family is hoping for the best. He has been tired out lately doing very simple things, and the doctor basically told him it was about time. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, the latest projections on Hurricane Irene show her slamming into the NC coastline Saturday afternoon as possibly a category three hurricane. Looks like we’ll get some winds and rain here and Charlotte but not much else (if the forecasts are accurate). But the East Coast all the way up to New York state and beyond are bracing for the worst, with states of emergency already being declared in several states.

Here’s a beautiful picture taken of Duck, NC at dusk today (taken by @brianstelter):

Duck, NC

Duck, NC at dusk - photo taken by Brian Stelter.

Am taking the night off from blogging – have to work tomorrow and then visit with dad after that. Hope to have a peaceful weekend here at home doing nothing but catching up on all the news I’ve gotten behind on this week – and getting in some blogging. Feel free to post items you think are newsworthy in the comments.

TGI-almost-F! :D

6 thoughts on “Thursday Night Open Thread – and Irene Update

  1. Prayers sent for your Dad, ST.
    I lived in Kitty Hawk for five years on the sound.
    I’m 30 miles from NYC in Connecticut on a tidal cove.
    It will be the New Moon with a high tide anyway.
    This will be interesting…

  2. Prayers to your father ST.

    Not looking forward to Irene coming to Jersey. There’s mandatory evacs down the shore.

  3. I’m late in stepping into this thread… I’m only doing it to suggest an upcoming article to any of you who may want to write about it.

    Look at the irony of Obama looking all official while he takes charge at the hurricane command center. Great… he can take time to actually handle something… once it’s clear that it’s not much of a serious threat. Way to go. Dollar short and a day late. Here is the link: LINK

  4. UPDATE: President Obama is having a tough time coming up with a plan…… his biggest problem is what to do about the probable loss of power.

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