Klavan on the Culture: rules for wannabe pundits

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Andrew Klavan graciously takes time out from his busy, jet-setting schedule to share some basic guidelines with those of us who think that we, too, can be world-class pundits:

I especially like rule number two; it’s something I should take to heart more often. 

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2 thoughts on “Klavan on the Culture: rules for wannabe pundits

  1. Rule #3 should be Rule #1!

    Or, better yet, don’t let Krugman out of his cage anytime in the next century to baffle anyone with his b.s. It’s certain that he can’t blind anyone except the already-blind with his “brilliance.

  2. There is currently no medical protocol for breaking the cranial-rectal insertion, this condition may be considered a permanent disability. It is also very difficult to read in total darkness.

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