Bill Whittle: the truth is out there

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No, Bill isn’t doing a remake of The X-Files (1), though the way the Left plays with the truth and claims there are multiple “truths,” all equally valid, might well be a puzzle worthy of Mulder and Scully. What they’re really doing, of course, is disguising “opinion” as “truth” and using that to deny any arguments against their cherished beliefs.

Bill Whittle is having none of this nonsense and proceeds to shred Pacifica Radio’s (2) Amy Goodman with –what else?– the truth.



(1) Though Bill on The X-Files would be kind of cool. The Smoking Man wouldn’t stand a chance.
(2) For those not familiar with the local Pacifica Radio affiliate Bill refers to, KPFK, most of us around here think of it as “Radio Moscow.”

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One thought on “Bill Whittle: the truth is out there

  1. I watch Amy Goodman once in a while, and she has an interesting take on reality. She would be one of the people who had a problem with hanging chads…

    Thanks for the Bill Whittle post Sis. This man does Gods good work.

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