Caption This: DNC 2012 logo revealed at convention kick-off rally in Charlotte


Today, the DNC had their kick-off rally here in Charlotte for the official one-year countdown til next year’s convention, which will be held here in the Queen City:

As many as 2,000 people from around the region filled the concourse at Charlotte’s Time-Warner Cable Arena this morning for the official kick-off rally for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

National Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz unveiled the convention logo — a red, white and blue circle patterned after President Obama’s 2008 campaign logo.

And Wasserman Schultz made clear that the point of the convention is Obama’s re-election.

“I don’t have to tell you how important North Carolina is going to be to the next presidential election,” she announced. “Together we’ll keep North Carolina blue.”

In 2008 Obama carried the state by 14,000 votes. Also today, the Republican National Committee launched a radio ad in North Carolina and seven other states Obama carried, blasting his record on jobs, health care and spending.

Former Mayor Harvey Gantt, like Wasserman Schultz, touted the fact that this would be “the first convention in history to be funded by the people.”

Ugh. We know how misleading statements like that can be.

In keeping with the “the people” theme, the DNC 2012 logo was unveiled today:

DNC 2012 Logo

DNC 2012 Logo

Kind of has a creepy “we are the world” feeling to it, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to the creative captions my readers will come up with for it. ;)

Oh, and speaking of Wasserman Schultz, naturally she dodged and weaved this morning on Fox and Friends over the Hoffa “New Tone” remarks Phineas blogged about earlier today. Interesting, considering she said this just the day before Hoffa’s remarks:

@actongriscom @Paula_Dockery We can work together. There are many of us who want to do that. My way or hwy doesn’t work. We can’t give up!

“My way or the hwy doesn’t work”? Somebody better alert Big Labor …

23 thoughts on “Caption This: DNC 2012 logo revealed at convention kick-off rally in Charlotte

  1. Yeah Jane, I like that motto. And the sooner ol’ people like I(me?) get out of the way, the better the family will like it.

    We Are the World? You mean the National Anthem?

  2. Jane Galt: That is a great motto! When I looked at the logo, what came to my mind was: from nothing, to nothing.

  3. When I first saw it, the thought that immediately went through my po’ ol’ mind was, “I wonder if the people who created Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman have given their OK for this?”

    Visualize the white interior as the head, not the blue, and if you can, visualize that goofy tooth-gap grin of Newman’s!

    How utterly fitting this is.

  4. Kind of has a creepy “we are the world” feeling to it, doesn’t it?

    It’s creepy, but I didn’t get the WATW vibe. I think it’s more like the common scene in zombie horror movies where the Living Dead walk mindlessly toward you en masse. For example, check the cover art on this horror classic. Notice the resemblance between the zombies on the DVD box and the Obamabots in the logo?

    The more I think about it, it’s really appropriate, since the Obamabots are (1) mindless drones, (2) looking to destroy any living economy, and (3) in Chicago at least, the dead who will be voting for him.

  5. Looks like a bunch of Barbarians at the gate to me. What an angry looking mob!

    Wonder who the son of a bitches that approved this emblem are?

    They can all go to hell.

  6. Excuse me if I don’t see the emperor’s clothes, but this logo is remarkably “unremarkable.”

    It seems to depict a group of SOBs coming to bury “The Won”

  7. At first glance it appears to be a socialist orgy gone amok…No blacks in the logo…Hmmmm. The profuse application of red could portray Native Americans, but that would be racist..
    No big ears or butts so the Obumblefumbles are absent…As Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose would say: “We really don’t know much about these folks in the logo, do we??”

  8. The only things missing are the sickle and hammers or line and miles of foodstamp cards…….lets just add a couple hundred thousand of these :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((..I wont type all of those but your rreaders get it, Im sure!

    This ones better though (if it’ll attach…ok it wont…but it the crying baby surrounded by the DNC logo…I’ll email it to ya…have a great dya and keep up the good work…Kell

  9. “Somewhere Under this Rainbow?”

    dont know about ‘captioniong’ it but if you rotate it 180 degrees, it looks like their all hanging by their feet!!! Which isnt such a bad thingy, is it?

    “Gimme’ Back My Foodstamp Card”

    “NO!!! thats my union card!!!)

    (looks like those two blue spots on the lower right are fighting over stamps or dead folks voter ID’s!!!


  10. Really….what no rainbow colors? Wouldn’t that be like the diverse thing to do? And Red people….like don’t they remember that we called communists “Reds” during the Cold War?

    I geuss we are supposed to believe this is a happy little crowd of people…but it comes off somewhat sinister since you can’t see their faces and they blend into a single blob.

    I suppose the arch above them is Big Brother Government raining down all their needs and they are waiting in line for the redistribution of wealth.

  11. The central tall figure is the only one with an ear, so that must dear leader O’Baummer. The rest seem to writhing in some frenzy, as if he told them “The rich ain’t out of ALL their money yet; let’s keep taking it!”

  12. Obama/Dem/Lib revisionist history lesson:

    Better Red Than Dead
    So THAT’s where all that red ink is going!
    The Obama administration, making more people than ever see red!

  13. It appears to be the view in a rifle scope.. The target appears to be the tall guy in the middle.. and the Dems claim to be non-violent…HA!

  14. Good one! Gimme back my foodstamp card! Now they can use those at restaurants and other stores. We are So Screwed!

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