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September 7, 2011

GOP debate: MSNBC hosts – predict the questions here (OPEN THREAD)

Ugh. With MSNBC “hosting” tonight’s GOP debate (which is at the Reagan Library – broadcast time is 8 PM ET), any ridiculous, irrelevant question is on the table. Make your predictions in the comments section as to the “questions” that will likely be asked by MSNBC’s Brian Williams and Politico’s editor-in-chief John Harris......   [Read More]

Culture of Eruption: Conservative Palin critics are “coming out of the closet”

… Erick Erickson, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham – just to name a few**. Read Erickson’s lengthy write-up to get a gist of the chief criticisms conservative pundits are starting to voice about the next possible GOP candidate for President.  Chief among them: The waiting game, the electability issue, and the fanatical nature of some of Palin’s more diehard fans – which Erickson compares to the PaulBots.  In the interest of fairness, at that same Memeorandum link are rebuttals to the criticisms from Stacy McCain and Professor Jacobson, among others......   [Read More]