Obama in the Keynesian Twilight Zone

**Posted by Phineas

Via Power Line, here’s a cute video from Minnesota Majority satirizing Obama’s weird obsession for trying the same failed solutions to unemployment over and over again:

Maybe it’s because I’m such a Twilight Zone fan, but I think this is pretty amusing. And, like TZ itself, kind of scary at the same time. Thank goodness this could never happen in real life…

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3 thoughts on “Obama in the Keynesian Twilight Zone

  1. Your disdain for his plans are wrecking my dream of watching the rocket train fly by my window- empty. Actually we do have a passenger train in Texas, it broke in April, we found out last week. We also have an empty light rail thing— ever thought about taking a train and walking a few blocks— it’s been over a hundred degrees for over a hundred days this year. This country would be so easy to put back right—NY9 is getting the idea.

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