Things you don’t expect to see on your commute

Posted by: Phineas on September 22, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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Such as a drug gang dumping 35 bodies on the highway:

Suspected drug traffickers dumped 35 bodies at rush hour beneath a busy overpass in the heart of a major Gulf coast city as gunmen pointed weapons at frightened drivers. Mexican authorities said Wednesday they are examining surveillance video for clues to who committed the crime.

Horrified motorists grabbed cell phones and sent Twitter messages warning others to avoid the area near the biggest shopping mall in Boca del Rio, part of the metropolitan area of Veracruz city.

The gruesome gesture marked a sharp escalation in cartel violence in Veracruz state, which sits on an important route for drugs and Central American migrants heading north.

The Zetas drug cartel has been battling other gangs for control of the state.

Prosecutors said it’s too soon to draw conclusions from the surveillance video.

“We’re not going to confirm or deny anything,” Veracruz state Attorney General Reynaldo Escobar Perez told the Televisa network Wednesday. “We’re looking at it in different ways, we’re seeing different numbers, that’s why we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.”

Escobar said the bodies were left piled in two trucks and on the ground under the overpass near the statue of the Voladores de Papantla, ritual dancers from Veracruz state. He said some of the victims had their heads covered with blackplastic bags and showed signs of torture.

Authorities said each of the victims (including apparently a cop who had gone missing) had criminal ties, so this looks like one gang, maybe the Zetas, taking out the soldiers of another gang and throwing it in their rivals’ faces.

But it’s also a slap in the face to the Mexican federal and state governments, mocking their authority and denying their sovereignty. Doing this while the city hosts a major judicial conference says, in no uncertain terms, “We rule here, not you. Fear us.” And that’s exactly what the people do, as they lose faith with each atrocity in Mexico’s ability to protect them and render justice.

These aren’t just bodies; these are thirty-five more milestones on the road to a failed state.

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3 Responses to “Things you don’t expect to see on your commute”


  1. Chris Bennett says:

    Horrible if this was in anyway related to Fast and Furious, or Gunrunner.

  2. arcman46 says:

    I was going to ask that question too, Chris. How many of these murders were carried out with Fast and Furious weapons?

  3. Carlos says:

    These are exactly the kind of people our Glorious Leader wants to welcome to our country with open arms and no visas or work permits.

    Wonderful what The Won is doing for our country, isn’t it? First he arms them, then he lets them go to and fro with impunity into our country, and God help the poor sucker or state that protests too much – they have to be raaaciiiist!!! to be that cold and uncaring for these shining examples of advanced human social development.