VIDEO: Occupy Sacto organizer, attendees don’t know what the Occupy “message” is

Absolutely priceless:

Via CBS 12, which has a recap:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of protesters gathered in Cesar Chavez Park on Thursday to stand in solidarity with the growing nationwide demonstrations aimed at corporate greed, but some members of the peaceful event showed hostility to media members over basic questions about the goals of the protest.

“Occupy Sacramento,” which was portrayed as the local foothold for the rally that has entered its third week in front of Wall Street in New York City, drew impassioned speakers and a wide variety of viewpoints when the rally began Thursday morning, with demonstrations lasting past midnight.

Organizer Anthony Bondi said he has what he referred to as a “message team” working on the primary goals of the local protests, which he admitted “was kind of vague.”

“That message team will reveal that tomorrow [Friday] morning,” Bondi said.

“So you guys are in the process of forming the reasons why you are here?” asked CBS13 reporter Tony Lopez.

“Exactly correct,” Bondi said.

Please, please watch the video if you don’t do anything else tonight. To me, it sort of encapsulates the whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement in a nutshell: Full of clueless, aimless mostly 20-something hippie-like wanderers who would rather skip school and/or work who use the excuse of wanting to “be a part of the movement” in an effort to sound self-important, grown-up, and “informed.” Joined in shameless “solidarity” by union thugs. What miserable failures. Especially the “mother” who planned to camp out at the protest camp with her infant child, in spite of the fact that it was going to be a chilly night, and in spite of the fact that police had said that it was against the law to sleep there overnight. Shame on her for using her child as a kiddie human shield. Absolutely despicable.

And, no, NOTHING like the Tea Party, mainstream media.

BTW, there is an “Occupy” protest going on tomorrow here in Charlotte. I’ve disqualified myself from attending on the grounds that I put a great deal of value and importance on cleanliness and hygiene, not to mention knowledge and sanity …

Politico drops a bombshell on #Solyndra scandal thanks to Friday WH docu-drop

One word: Wow:

A prominent 2008 Barack Obama fundraiser who held a key role in the Energy Department played an active part in Solyndra’s $535 million loan guarantee despite conflict of interest concerns over his wife’s work at a law firm that also represented the California solar company, according to internal Obama administration emails released Friday.

Steve Spinner’s involvement in the Solyndra loan had been difficult to determine until the release of hundreds of emails on Friday showing the Silicon Valley energy consultant engaged while at the DOE in a range of high-level roles.

In a series of emails sent on Aug. 28, 2009, Spinner expressed repeated frustrations with the Office of Management and Budget over the holdup on the Solyndra loan.

“Any word from OMB? I have the OVP and WH breathing down my neck on this,” he wrote to DOE career staffer Kelly Colyar. “Just want to make sure we get their questions. They are getting itchy to get involved if needed. I don’t want that.”

“We got their questions last night,” Colyar replied. “We’ve followed up on most, but the ball is still in our court. Bill has sent me some things, but it’s not exactly what i need. i’ve requested more.”

“How — hard is this? What is he waiting for?” Spinner replied. “Will we have it by end of day? If any risk of not, let me know.”

“How do OMB’s questions look? What you were expecting? How long for us to respond? Just so I can be better educated, can you share with me?” Spinner added.

Spinner also was central in trying to line up Obama or Vice President Joe Biden to participate via videoconference in a September 2009 groundbreaking ceremony.

Writing on Aug. 17 to the DOE’s Megan Guy, Spinner explains that the event will need to include “golden shovels, construction workers, bulldozers, ribbon cutting, tour of existing assembly line, customer testimonials.”

Spinner had some role in dealing with details of the Solyndra loan. Guy wrote in an Aug. 20, 2009, email, “Quick question – do you want to put in credit score estimates for Solyndra [redacted] and [redacted], or just use flat 11.85 percent?”

Spinner outlined his concern about the possible conflict of interest in a Sept. 23, 2009, email to DOE ethics official Sue Wadel, explaining the arrangement that his wife Allison Spinner had worked out with her law firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

“WSGR has programmed Allison’s pay structure to take out any profit sharing that any of these companies may generate in fees re: DOE loan applications.”

“I shall update you monthly as the list changes,” Spinner added. “As agreed, I will recuse myself from any active participation in any of these applications (solicitations, due diligence, negotiations). Please let me know if there’s anything else I should be aware of.”

An administration official said Spinner’s work didn’t violate his recusal.

Is there anyone, anyone out there at all left who still believes the BS promises our Liar in Chief made as a candidate about “cleaning up business as usual” in Washington, DC? If so, you are – with no due respect – an idiot.

Gunwalker: panic at the Justice Department

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Not surprising, since the Attorney General of the United States has been exposed for lying to Congress. According to the NY Post’s Michael Walsh (via ST’s Hot Headlines), DoJ and Obama administration spokesmen have been coming up with one fig leaf after another to explain why Eric holder isn’t culpable in this fiasco:

And coverup there seems to be. On top of stonewalling Rep. Darrell Issa’s House investigation of the mess, Justice has floated a series of contradictory excuses:

  • There was no such program.
  • Even if there were, Holder never knew about it.
  • Even if he should have known about it, he might not have read Breuer’s memos.
  • Even if he read Breuer’s memos, he misunderstood the simple question: “When did you first know about the program, officially, I believe, called Fast and Furious?”

With the recent exposure of another apparent “gunwalking” operation, Wide Receiver, that may date back to the Bush administration, some are already pushing a “Bush-did-it-too” meme. If true, it shows the rot at Justice goes deeper than we thought — but it has nothing to do with whether Holder may have committed perjury.

If Holder is so innocent, why, sources inside Justice say, are folks there engaging in a panicked orgy of finger-pointing and blame-shifting?

Good question. I’m waiting for the “The dog ate the memo” excuse. Should be coming right up.

In his article, Michael Walsh says the panic has reached “stage two.” On the contrary, inside Main Justice at least, I’m sure it’s reached stage three with a bullet, since the President yesterday gave Holder the dreaded “vote of confidence:”

President Barack Obama said Thursday he has complete confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder amid Republican accusations that the attorney general was aware months sooner than he’s acknowledged about a flawed operation to stem gun-smuggling.

At a White House news conference, the president said Holder has been very aggressive in pursuing gun-running and cash transactions that support drug cartels in Mexico.

Holder “indicated that he was not aware of what was happening in Fast and Furious,” the president said. “Certainly I was not, and I think both he and I would have been very unhappy if somebody had suggested that guns were allowed to pass through” to arms traffickers rather than being seized by agents.

(Emphasis added)

We all know what it means when a president expresses confidence in a controversial cabinet secretary, right? It’s usually followed in short order by a resignation “to spend more time with my family” or to “pursue other opportunities,” while the president crosses his fingers behind his back in the hope this makes the scandal go away before it gets to him.

In other words, that sound you hear is the Obama bus warming up — always room for one more under it!

Oh, and regarding that “Bush did it too” diversion, Operation “Wide Receiver:” Bob Owens at Pajamas Media shoots that down in short order. “Wide Receiver” and “Fast and Furious” were fundamentally different operations.

While it’s fun to engage in a bit of schadenfreude at Eric Holder’s expense (Lord knows, he richly deserves it), let’s keep in mind that this is a very serious scandal, in which agencies of the federal government are accused of allowing Mexican drug cartels to obtain heavy firearms in violation of US law — perhaps even selling to them directly. This has been done without the knowledge of our agents in Mexico or of the Mexican government, which is waging a violent war against those same cartels.

And, unlike Watergate or other big federal scandals, this one has resulted in death: three US federal agents have been shot with guns tied to Fast and Furious, two of whom have died. Over 200 Mexicans have died at the hands of gunmen wielding “walked” firearms. If the situation had been reversed, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.

Even if Eric Holder does resign, the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious must go on and the demand for a special prosecutor must be relentless and loud.

Justice for the dead demands no less.

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