Gunwalker: “Does no one care about the dead Mexicans?”

Posted by: Phineas on October 10, 2011 at 2:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Subbing for Hugh Hewitt on the radio last week, the great Mark Steyn asked a darned good question that touched on hypocritical liberal bigotry:

“Now real Mexicans are dead,” he continued. “Does the president of the United States, does his attorney general, does CNN, does The New York Times, does NPR — do they not care about dead Mexicans?

“I mean, forget the United States Border Patrol guys that were killed about these ‘Fast & Furious’ guns. Real-live, or previously live, citizens of third world countries — the kind of people that NPR, The New York Times claim to love — are dead because of this.”

“Why isn’t that a national scandal?” he pleaded. “This is absolutely a — Iran-Contra didn’t rack of that kind of body count. Watergate didn’t rack up that kind of body count. Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother, or whatever stupid story they were chasing around Wasilla for months, that didn’t rack up a body count. There were hundreds of dead Mexicans from a gun running program run by the United States.”

The answer, of course, is that they only care about the dead Mexicans when they’re useful for attacking a Republican administration

Click through for a recording of the segment.

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2 Responses to “Gunwalker: “Does no one care about the dead Mexicans?””


  1. Carlos says:

    They (the dead Mexicans) will only count when this administration either needs the votes of Mexicans (legal and otherwise) here, or when they try to remove the Second Amendment from the Constitution (because Lord knows, no chicken-crap liberal/marxist ever wants to move on the populace when the populace can shoot back).

    Both Obhammud and Holder should be fired and sent to Mexico to stand trial for supplying munitions to revolutionaries and for being accomplices to over 200 murders. The time spent in Mexican jails would be good for their souls.