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VIDEO: What happens when Tea Partiers visit Occupy “camps”?

This [1] (strong language warning):

Why can’t we all just get along?

There’s plenty more where that came from. Just make sure to visit the Accuracy in Media’s You Tube channel [2].

And speaking of New Tone “occupiers” ABC News filed a disturbing report [3] yesterday on the increasing instances of calls for violence against “greedy CEOs”:

Vincent Schiavone, founder and chairman of ListenLogic, a company that gives corporate clients advance warning of cyber attacks and of other threats circulating on the Internet, calls Occupy-related threats “alarming.” His company monitors a wide variety of online sources—including Facebook and Twitter postings and even posted church sermons—to see what topics, issues and grievances are increasing in volume, meaning in intensity and in number on the Internet.

An online “Occupy Threat Center” created by ListenLogic says the company’s analysis of “over one million social media posts” indicates a significant increases in all of the following:

-Social media activity from Occupy supporters and activists promoting physical destruction and violent action.

-Direct and specific threats from Occupy “hacktivist” groups against specific financial and law enforcement targets.

-Social media posts, videos and images targeting: financial institutions that issue mortgages and student loans and that initiate foreclosures; corporate entities that received bailout money or government subsidies; companies that pay high executive salaries or bonuses; and companies perceived to be paying extremely low taxes.

ListenLogic is detecting, he says, a change in the tone of discourse about the so-called 1 percent richest Americans.

There still are postings that talk about taxing the 1 percent more severely or even throwing them in jail. “But then,” says Schiavone, “there’s an increase in ‘let’s kill’ them. We see ‘eat the rich,’ ‘kill the wealthy.’ There are images circulating of senior executives being decapitated, images of blood. Artists are releasing images of banks on fire.”

Such extremism, he hastens to point out, is not representative of the objectives of most Occupiers. “Is that the movement? Absolutely not. They have been trying to be peaceful and respectful.” But the movement harbors within it, he says, persons “a lot more radical.”

That sounds about right, although I suspect there are a lot more “radicals” within the “Occupy” movement than Schiavone is willing to let on, because a lot of the “occupiers” you see look like the same types of crazies seen/heard at the anti-Bush/anti-war protests from a few years ago [4] (more here [5]). At any rate, the numbers are substantial enough that stories like this (props to ABC, by the way) should be getting a lot more coverage nationwide. And they would, in fact it would be non-stop, wall to wall coverage … if these were Tea Partiers engaging in threats of hacking and violence. But, because (I suspect) many in the MSM stand in solidarity (as they often do) with these left wing protesters, reports about the escalation in violent imagery and calls for violence mostly get a pass – with a few exceptions (like ABC and Fox).

Move along here. Nothing to see.