Washington Post tries to smear Rubio, gets b*tch-slapped

Jim Geraghty has links to the “story” from the WaPo, and the smack down from The Miami Herald.  Rubio himself wasted no time in pushing back on the allegation that he has “embellished” his Cuban family history.

Quote of the Day from Geraghty:

Kind of amazing that the newspaper that was so late to the Jeremiah Wright story that its own ombudsman reprimanded it suddenly is making such an all-out press on the junior senator from Florida. Why, it’s almost as if the institution had no interest in contradicting the narrative of Obama as post-partisan uniter in 2008, and now sees Rubio as someone who must be damaged and scuffed-up before he becomes a preeminent face in the Republican party. Between this story and the Univision one, it’s almost as if there’s a coordinated effort to deride and smear Rubio before he can become a national figure and perhaps sway the voting patterns of Latinos.

Any questions?

Downtown NYers to Occupy Wall Street: Go away. And stop defecating on our doorsteps!

Civilized downtown New Yorkers  have had enough of the hippie communes dubbing themselves as “Occupy Wall Street”:

Dowtown New Yorkers furious with the continued presence of the Occupy Wall Street protesters vented angrily at a community board meeting Thursday, according to reports.

The desire to complain about the demonstrators was so widespread that the line to speak at the meeting wound its way outside the board’s office and into the street, the New York Post said. At least several hundred people showed up to the board meeting.

The major complaints from residents in the area around the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan were issues of hygiene, garbage, noise and respectfulness.

“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” said Catherine Hughes, who lives one block from Zuccotti Park, according to the New York Post. “A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

Particularly annoying, suggested several community members at the meeting, was the repetitive drumming late into the night.

“The occupiers are not our neighbors, our neighbors do not beat on drums when they’re sleeping, our neighbors do not verbally attack on the way to work… Our neighbors do not break into buildings or defecate on our street,” another speaker said, according to FOX 5 news.

Occupy Wall Street protest organizers told NY1 that they would work at limiting drumming time and obtain port-a-potties to fix ongoing bathroom problems.

Aww. How generous of them.

Meanwhile, at Occupy Oakland:

(10-20) 22:43 PDT OAKLAND — Oakland officials Thursday night ordered protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement to vacate Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, where hundreds of people have lived since Oct. 10 in an elaborate tent city complete with a kitchen, a school and a medical tent.

A document titled “Notice to Vacate Frank Ogawa Plaza” was posted on the city’s website at 8 p.m. by the office of City Administrator Deanna Santana. It said Oakland was committed to allowing free speech, but also had a responsibility to protect public safety.

“We believe that after 10 days, the City can no longer uphold public health and safety,” the notice said. “In recent days, camp conditions and occupants’ behavior have significantly deteriorated, and it is no longer manageable to maintain a public health and safety plan.”

Violence cited

The document cited fire hazards, sanitation issues, a growing rat problem and graffiti. It referred to an “increasing frequency of violence, assaults, threats and intimidation” and complained that protesters had denied access to “emergency personnel to treat injured persons and to police to patrol the Plaza.”

“As a result of these serious conditions, the Administration has determined that facilitating this expression of speech is no longer viable, nor in the interest of public health and safety,” the order said. “Peaceful daytime assembly will continue to be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. No tents or overnight camping permitted.”

Protesters angry at economic inequality have sought to establish a mini-society in the plaza free of government control, and some have spoken of occupying the area for many months. They have established perimeter patrols in an effort to keep out police officers, and have not reported crimes to authorities, choosing instead to try to handle problems themselves.

City spokeswoman Karen Boyd said Thursday’s order was in part based on reports that a mentally ill homeless man who had been living in the camp assaulted several protesters on Tuesday. No one called police. Instead, witnesses said the homeless man – who went by the name “Kali” – was pepper-sprayed and beaten unconscious before he left the camp. As of Thursday, he had not returned.

Wow.  “Occupiers” subverting the justice system by taking the law into their own hands.  Imagine that.

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ST in the Media

I was just a wee bit preoccupied last night and neglected to post the link to the radio interview I did this week on FTR Radio with That’s What She Said‘s Lori Ziganto and Jenn Taylor, otherwise known as “@Snarkandboobs” and “@JennQPublic” on Twitter. You can listen to it here. There’s also a podcast link there as well but I’m not sure it’s live yet.

We chatted about the Occupy movement, Joey B’s insane, repeated comments about the Jobs Bill and murder/rape, and liberal “feminists.” Jenn and Lori are both former liberals, like me, which made the conversation quite lively. :) I think you’ll enjoy. I know I did!