#OccupyCLT Sign of the Day: “I quit my job to join my occupation”

Ah yes! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the so-called “leaderless movement” here in Charlotte now has a USTREAM channel filled with pure comedy gold. At times it’s hard to watch, because you don’t want to admit that people that radically liberal actually live in your home city. I still think my co-blogger, in an attempt to take his state back from Socialists, might have had a hand in deporting some of those California liberals to Charlotte … developing …

Anyway, got a screen grab of what has got to be one of the most ironic signs I’ve seen at any of the Occupy protests, especially when you consider that one of the chief gripes the Occupy movement has is that so many in their ranks are jobless while executives are “getting richer” without sharing the appropriate amount of wealth:

Quit My Job

'I quit my job to join my occupation'

Yes – that is an actual screen cap of an actual sign. I couldn’t make this stuff up on my best day.

Here’s a bonus screencap of a black “Occupier” who was asked by a white “Occupier” to lay on the ground face down with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag draped across his back. Now, I don’t have to tell you how well that would have gone over with the shameless race baiters at MSDNC had this been the Tea Party.

I’m sure that, along with those popular Guy Fawkes masks, is gonna convince a whole lot of uptown workers that your “cause” is “righteous and just!!!”, Occupy Charlotte. DO keep it up, mkay? :D

A strategic game-changer in the Near East? A recipe for war? Or both?

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I wrote last June about major oil and natural gas finds in the Eastern Mediterranean that would be a boon to Israel if they played out.

Today at (the renamed) PJMedia, Jonathan Spyer interviews Israeli journalist Amiram Barkat regarding other major natural gas (and maybe oil) finds under the nearby Mediterranean seabed — an area claimed by Israel and its new friend Cyprus, on the one hand, and increasingly Islamic-fascist Turkey and Lebanon (1) on the other. While discussing the enormous economic and strategic implications for Israel, Barkat talks reviews the geopolitical dangers:

PJM: What are the latest developments regarding the dispute between Turkey and Cyprus over exploratory drilling for offshore gas deposits off the coast of Cyprus? Are Turkish Navy ships still in the area?

In late September this year, Noble Energy, a Houston-based company, started drilling the Aphrodite prospect within a maritime area known as Block 12. Noble, the company that has made all the significant gas discoveries in Israel, received the drilling license in Block 12 from the Cypriot government in 2008.

Turkey had threatened to use military force should drilling commence, but refrained from action. Turkey has two major claims regarding Cyprus exploration plans: first, as the protector of the rights of the Turkish minority in Cyprus, it aims to guarantee that the Turkish Cypriots gain a share in the future revenues from any discovery. Second, Turkey doesn’t recognize the Cypriot EEZ and claims that parts of it are actually in Turkish waters.

PJM: Is there a realistic possibility that this could lead to conflict between Israel and Turkey? Or has Turkey, as a NATO member, been warned against escalating the situation?

The strengthening ties between Israel and Cyprus underpinned by mutual interests in the export of natural gas could make the possibility of regional conflict involving Turkey a realistic one, though not in the near future. Israel is aware of this and an internal debate has been going on regarding Cyprus.

Looking from Nicosia, the choices seem simpler. Recent developments in the area have clearly weakened Cyprus’s geopolitical position vis-à-vis Turkey. Greece, Cyprus’ patron, is practically bankrupt. Egypt and Libya, traditional allies within the Arab world, are both undergoing a revolutionary process.

Against this backdrop Cypriot government officials openly invited the Israeli military to play an active role defending Cypriot interests. In private talks Cypriot officials are supportive of letting the Israeli Air Force use Cypriot bases.

As you can imagine, the simultaneous occurrence of new valuable resources and political upheaval in the region is as recipe for military conflict at some point — and, in the Middle East, that could come at any time. While one naturally hopes that the parties involved would come to an amicable arrangement, factors besides those mentioned above line up against it:

  • Turkey is under an increasingly Islamist government, and their prime minister may well be an antisemitic nut.
  • Hizbullah-dominated Lebanon cut a deal with the hated Jews? Barack Obama will sooner embrace Thomas Sowell.
  • The natural broker for such a dispute is the United States, due to our history of alliance with both Israel and Turkey, but, thanks to incompetent diplomacy Smart Power, we’ve increasingly alienated Israel and played the fool for Turkey, which is actively working to advance the Islamist cause. Now one doesn’t trust us and the other thinks (rightly) it can use us.

This is not a recipe for the lion to lie with the lamb any time soon.

(1) And letting Hizbullah (and, by extension, its Iranian patrons) get any share of the revenues from these new fields is a Bad Idea(tm).

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Occupy Oakland and Atlanta Open Thread

Police in Oakland are clashing (literally) with thuggish “Occupiers” who once again took to the streets after they were forced to leave today, their camp dismantled. Watch live video here of events. Trust me when I say “Occupiers” across the country are standing in “solidarity” with these morons. They WANT something bad to happen so they can scream to the top of their lungs how eeevil and brutal the police are.

Meanwhile, police at Occupy Atlanta have surrounded and ordered “campers” to leave the commune. That may be where the next tear gas battle begins. Digging for a live link to that one as well. Update: Here it is.

This is what anarchy looks like, peeps. Notice it happens most often in liberal cities? Hmm.

Greece has now come to America. “Their time” has come. The epic battle between The Haves and the Want Yours has officially begun. Thanks, “patriotic” far left liberals. You disgust me.