Disturbing: Profiles in “Occupy” violence (language warning) #OWS

A few links:

—- Occupy San Diego’s Own Lefty Media to Police: You’re a F***ing Joke!

Dan Gainor writes of this:

Occupiers claim they are ‘press,’ and bully, threaten and intimidate police.


Here are a few highlights of the liberal press’s love for police:

Cries of ”police state” and ”shame, shame, shame” when the police won’t do what the two protesters want;

Harassing one officer about his daughter who is allegedly taught by the daughter of a protester, asking, ”Do you care about your daughter” and screaming, ”you look like you are about to cry.” When the officer arrested a protester who asked to be arrested, the duo threaten to show that video to the officer’s daughter.

The woman threatens the officers by shouting, ”You will be exposed,” another implied threat going back to the docs-ing attack.

Another nearby protester’s comment about one police officer: ”F*ck him!”

Such New Toney-goodness, eh?

—– Ed Morrissey files this extremely disturbing report about a flier given out at Occupy Phoenix, which the Arizona Dept. of Safety is aware of:

Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks, “When should you shoot a cop?”

Here’s a link to the flier.

—– Last but not least, Ed Driscoll points to an interview with an Occupy Oakland protester that did not go the way MSDNC’s pro-Occupy host Lawrence O’Donnell wanted it to when the protester admitted that it was protesters, not the Oakland PD, who hit the cops first when riots broke out a few days ago. Must-see video included.

—– Oh, here’s a bonus for you: @Occupy_Police mentioned on their Twitter page this morning that their site had been hacked by a “rogue hacker.” I found it amusing that they’d call the hacker a “rogue” since the Occupy movement and Anon globalist hackers have allied themselves together in their fight against “THE MAN” and accordingly believe it’s ok to hack into police websites, etc, in response to any perceived wrong. I inquired to @OccupyPolice this afternoon:

Presumably since y’all are allied w Anons, you’re ok w/ being hacked yourselves by outsiders? #TasteOfYourOwnMedicine

I mean, after all – if’s ok for Anons to hack sites in response to alleged wrongs using their sick form of “vigilante justice”, it’s ok for outsiders to hack into Anon-affiliated websites, right? ;)

With all that being said, I’m sure the Vigilant-Against-Radical-Protesters-National-MSM will be all over these stories of Occupiers advocating intimidation and violence, including this one of a Fox 5 NY reporter being threatened with a knife attack by an OWS supporter (video included), in 3, 2 …

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Update – 6:49 PM: Oh my – #OccupyMiami Hangs Banker in Effigy

Popcorn!! AG Holder to testify on “Fast and Furious”

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Under oath, baby, under oath:

CBS News has learned Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee regarding “Fast and Furious.” The hearing will take place Dec. 8th.

Judiciary Committee member and head of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) had requested that Holder appear, in part to dig deeper into when-he-knew-what about ATF’s so-called “gunwalking” operation Fast and Furious.

In May, Holder testified that he only first heard about Fast and Furious a few weeks before. However, as CBS News reported, documents and memos indicate he had been sent multiple briefings mentioning Fast and Furious in 2010.

Holder later explained in a letter to Congress that he didn’t read those memos, and that in any event, nobody at the Justice Department who knew of Fast and Furious was aware of the specific “gunwalking” tactics used.

Could this be the moment Holder falls on his sword for Obama?

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson (aka, She Who Was Screamed At) also reports that Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wants a public hearing with former ATF Director Ken Melson. Melson, you may recall, rejected the presence of DoJ “minders” and testified before the committee last July without telling his bosses, bringing his own lawyer and and directly tying top subordinates of Eric Holder to Operation Fast and Furious. My guess is that Cummings wants Democrats to be seen as pro-active on this in order to give his caucus some distance from a scandal that could (should) threaten Obama’s reelection.

Or he wants to play attack dog. Could be either.

Regardless, the real show will be before the House Judiciary Committee when Eric Holder raises his right hand and starts answering or dodging pointed questions about what he knew, when he knew it, who developed this felony stupid plan, and who approved it.

Can’t wait.

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Lying or incompetent? The Janet Napolitano edition

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So, which is it, Madame Secretary? Or is it both?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet “The System Worked” Napolitano testified before the House Judiciary Committee and did her best Sergeant Schultz impression, claiming she knew nothing about Operation Fast and Furious (aka Gunwalker) until Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed late last year:

House Republicans on Wednesday turned their sharp questioning over “Operation Fast and Furious” toward Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who acknowledged her agents were twice told to “stand down” in deference to what she called a “very troublesome” operation.

Napolitano, at one point likening the questioning to a cross-examination, said repeatedly she only learned of “Fast and Furious” after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December. She emphasized the operation, conceived and run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, “was an ATF operation,” under the auspices of the Justice Department, not her department.

Well played, Janet! Denying knowledge of Gunwalker while pointing a big finger at Justice! Guess your boss isn’t the only one who can throw people under the bus.

Call me “cynical,” but Secretary Napolitano’s testimony lacks a certain something… Let’s call it “credibility.”

Look at the facts: Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009, when Barack Obama appointed her DHS Secretary. Arizona has a huge problem with cartel-related smuggling and violence. She would have been intimately familiar with the problems on her southern border. It is inconceivable that, both as the immediate past governor of a key state, a cabinet official, and head of the agency charged with security of the US border, she would not have been briefed on a major cross-border gun-smuggling operation, particularly when we were running it.

Consider also that Dennis Burke, her former chief of staff when she was Arizona’s governor and a senior adviser to her at DHS, was the US Attorney for Arizona during Operation Fast and Furious and participated in the inter-agency task force overseeing the operation fiasco.

This is Napolitano’s former chief of staff, someone she worked closely with for years, whom she probably helped get the US Attorney’s job, and who was her protege in Arizona politics. Does she seriously expect us to believe he never briefed her, never even mentioned it to his friend and mentor? Remember, Gunwalker started in mid-2009; Agent Terry was killed in November, 2010. For over a year, Burke told his friend the Director of Homeland Security nothing? Nor was she briefed by anyone at the DoJ?

Seriously, Janet?

Lying, incompetent, or both, folks. You make the call.

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