#DNC2012 discriminates against CLT-area workers in favor of out of state union labor

The crew at Labor Union Report have been doing an absolutely outstanding job of uncovering a disturbing story that should be front page news here but isn’t: The fact that, in spite of denials by both them and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to the contrary, the Democratic National Convention Committee is indeed discriminating against Charlotte-area workers in favor of their union masters for workers for next year’s DNC. LUR reports (hat tip: my co-blogger):

Shortly after denying that it was discriminating against non-union companies, the DNC chose Washington, DC-area vendor, Hargrove, Inc. (a company with a history of using union labor for its convention, trade shows and expo work) for the DNC Convention—once again discriminating against Charlotte’s union-free workforce. However, it gets worse.

Late last week, we received a tip that the DNC was forcing the downtown-Charlotte hotels to displace their own existing workers and bringing in union labor to work during the DNC Convention. While the Hyatt Place denied the rumor, numerous calls were placed to general managers at other area hotels but were not returned.

However, at the Ritz Carlton, Charlotte, where President Obama is reportedly staying during the convention, employees did confirm that they had been told they would be laid off during the convention.

Here is one of the conversations that took place over the weekend with a Ritz-Carlton employee [Audio Link]:


As the DNC and Mayor Foxx continue trying to dodge the issue of outsourcing Charlotte’s work to their union cronies, it is likely that more stories of Charlotte employees getting the shaft will emerge in the days, weeks and months ahead.

And Mayor Foxx is up for re-election – with tomorrow being Election Day.  His opponent is Republican Scott Stone, who has been hammering Foxx on the allegations of union favoritism and local labor force discrimination.  Foxx was a big mover and shaker in getting the convention here and is basking in the glory of that “victory”, in spite of the fact that Mecklenburg County’s unemployment rate stands at 10.3%.

Mayor Foxx promised Charlotteans that having the DNC here in 2012 would bring much-needed jobs to this city.  What he didn’t say, but which was pretty predictable, was that many of those jobs would be filled by out of state union labor as a political payback to some of his party’s wealthiest donors/supporters.   If you live in Charlotte, make sure you get out to the polls tomorrow to send a message to Mayor Foxx that his lies about Queen City job creation will no longer be tolerated.

Update – 6:51 PM:  The Ritz-Carlton, of course, is denying this story – LUR has a handy suggestion for hotel employees who are still concerned about whether or not they will be “misplaced” for the week of the convention next year: Get a written guarantee. :D

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Red-Meat Monday: the truth about the Democratic Party and civil rights

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I’ve written before about the dirty history of the Democratic Party when it comes to race and civil rights (1), a history that’s largely been swept under the rug as the Party pretends to have always been a virtuous fighter for civil rights and the welcoming home for African-American voters.

Below is a video from Frantz Kebreau, via Flopping Aces, that juxtaposes great moments in the history of the Democrats and civil rights with images of Democratic supporters.

The irony is so thick, you can cut it with a knife:

Like I said, red meat. One can quibble (2), but the basic facts are right; if we’re to be honest about our history and if American Blacks are ever to free themselves from being played for suckers into giving their votes en bloc to just one party –a party that is not serving their interests– then these facts need to be much more widely known.

PS: I haven’t read Kebreau’s book, Stolen History, so I can’t recommend or comment on it. However I do highly recommend Bruce Bartlett’s “Wrong on Race: the Democratic Party’s Buried Past.” Copiously footnoted and deeply researched in both primary sources and academic journals, it should be the standard one-volume reference on the topic. I reviewed it in 2008.

(1) My apologies to proud average-American Democrats reading this, but it’s the truth and it’s been hidden from you, too.
(2) One can argue that the large blocs in Congress opposing civil rights legislation were “less Democrat” than they were Southern, the legacy of both the region’s history with slavery and the place where Jim Crow originated and was most strongly in force. (Though Jim Crow was not limited to the South, to be sure.) This line of argument also would point out that they were Democratic politicians because of the Civil War, in which a Republican administration first crushed the Confederacy and then imposed the hated Reconstruction. And that would be a fair observation. BUT… it is also fair to note that Northern and Western Democrats continually allied with racist Southern Democrats to win national elections and get legislation passed, each giving the other what it wanted. Which means there is no way around it: the Democratic Party as a whole owns that dirty history.

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