Sick: Anti-Semitism alive and well at #OWS communes nationwide

Posted by: ST on November 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Good grief.  *Please* read/view/watch this.  It’s much worse than I had originally thought.

Remind you of anything?

(via my awesome c0-blogger Phineas)


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3 Responses to “Sick: Anti-Semitism alive and well at #OWS communes nationwide”


  1. I spent part of one day at occupy DC. I was blown away at the anti Israel feel of it. They have pictures of people who were supposedly killed by Israeli’s and pairs of baby shoes with names attached.

    The very strangest thing I saw was a Hasidic Jew getting his picture taken down there. I couldn’t understand what he was doing there.

  2. david foster says:

    t is often asserted that Evangelicals support Israel only because of various Biblical passages about the End Times, etc…..I think the reason is simpler. Modern American anti-Semitism is largely a creature of the “progressive” Left, an institution that clusters around academia and around those institutions that act as amplifiers and retransmitters of academic memes, such as the NYT, PBS, and NPR. For the most part, Evangelicals are members of social groups that are relatively insulated from the this propaganda stream.

    “Boycott Israel” resolutions are far more likely to originate among college faculty members than among members of, say, the Boilermaker’s Union.

  3. George Robinson says:

    I have never understood how Jews could be so overwhelmingly liberal, both here and in Israel. I have almost never watched anti-semitism emanating from my side,witness it every day from theirs, and the Jews merrily keep financing the commie cause. Oh well, I don’t know how my cell phone knows it’s me either.