5 thoughts on “Christmas tree tax delayed

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  2. As Rush pointed out, why would our glorious leader want to push Christmas trees when he’s spent so much time making sure Christmas never reaches the public square?

    And this is no more of a “tax” than it is for any other USDA-approved specialty-growers organization to require a government-collected fee for self promotion. Even pistachio growers do.

  3. Carlos, it’s a fee imposed by a government entity. Calling it by another name doesn’t keep it from being a tax, and the fact that it occurs in other contexts doesn’t excuse it.

  4. @alanstorm: you are, of course, technically correct. I just have a real hard time justifying these actions by the USDA simply because the particular growers’ association can blame the government for their (the growers) wish to get additional money for advertising, something every other business in the United States has to do on their own [unless you count all the advertising Government Motors (both General and Chrysler divisions) did on the taxpayers’ dime.] Just another form of crony capitalism as far as I’m concerned, with both the Democraps and Repub Know-nothings guilty.

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