Police break up… #OccupyCal ?

Posted by: Phineas on November 10, 2011 at 12:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Almost the last place I ever expected this to happen. When you’ve lost UC Berkeley…

Moving quickly to quell a protest on the site where the Free Speech Movement was born, UC Berkeley police in riot gear on Wednesday tore down tents and arrested at least seven people who had established an Occupy Cal camp.

The violent clash was in stark contrast to peaceful speeches about protecting higher education from budget cuts and a short march that started the demonstration in front of Sproul Hall at noon. By 3:30 p.m., protesters linking arms were facing down lines of police officers as the Occupy group tried to protect a handful of tents that had been erected on a lawn in front of the building.

After warning protesters that camping at the university is illegal, officers moved in and shoved demonstrators out of the way as they pushed toward the camp. Six UC Berkeley students and an associate professor were arrested; charges included resisting officers and failing to disperse.

“Stop beating students,” the crowd chanted as officers subdued several people.

“He’s breaking my wrists,” a man shouted before the police officer arresting him cut off his cries with a chokehold.

Monty Python did it first:

Bloody peasants. :)

Of course, regarding the last lines, we all know violence is inherent in the Occupy movement.

Meanwhile, bravo to the UC Berkeley administration and police for standing up to the modern Vandals, even if they had to invoke an “anti-camping” ordinance to do it.

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8 Responses to “Police break up… #OccupyCal ?”


  1. Tex says:

    Poor socialists/anarchists! What’s the world coming to when even UC Berkeley doesn’t want you?

  2. MarkJ says:

    “He’s breaking my wrists,” a man shouted before the police officer arresting him cut off his cries with a chokehold.”

    Obvious retort: “Yeah, and if you keep mouthing off I’ll break a few other joints while I’m at it.”

  3. Nanc says:

    I imagine the police at Berkley have more experience than the rest of the country combined in breaking up this kind of protest. Their patience for this sort of behavior was probably exhausted years ago.

  4. Lorica says:

    I love the comparison to the Monty Python clip. I hereby declare that all Occupiers be named Dennis!! LOL :) Just channeling King Arthur for a moment. – Lorica

  5. PE says:

    To me, free speech does not include the right to camp in any public urban park not designated for that purpose. Absent some catastrophe based emergency, the right to camp in such parks should not be extended to any individual or group; not vagrants, boy scouts, daughters of the american revolution, or even crazed anarchists.

    What kind of an oath do these afflicted mayors take?

  6. Carlos says:

    Why do I not feel any sympathy for a bunch of rich kids pretending to be abused by a system that, just to get into the school, one has to be fairly well off or a recognized victimized minority? I know my memory has faded some, but how many of these idiot brats is working nearly full time, carrying a minimum of 15 hours, tutoring, is active in a campus administration undergrad committee, and is married with at least one child? (And yes, this is the load I put on myself because each one of those things was important to me, and no one seemed to think I was some sort of freak for doing that.)

    Until they can show me they have at a minimum that load, I won’t have the least bit of interest in listening to their crybaby whining.

  7. Kate says:

    Love the Monty Python clip…one of my all time favorite movies! Those crazy dudes new how to throw political science into a comedy since some of the theory lends itself so well to the process!

    Peasants, indeed! And I, agreee with Lorica, they should all be called Dennis!!

  8. Steph says:

    There were two police officers injured in this clash…one with a concussion. I don’t know what happened to the other. Good for Cal! What really angers me about this whole #occupy thing is that the tents are NOT part of the First Amendment and it should never have been allowed to happen from the get-go. Now the city of Oakland is going to get tough again and remove the campers. They have enlisted the aid of other county and city police departments but because the city officials allowed these yahoos to set up camp the next day, the city has been told THIS time any agency serving will be charging the city. Nice going, Mayor Quan. This is going to end ugly, not only in Oakland but everywhere that camping has been allowed where it is clearly not a camping site.