Rick Perry: how to recover from a public self-humiliation

Posted by: Phineas on November 10, 2011 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

I’m sure most of you have heard about Governor Perry’s brain-freeze in last night’s debate. (If not, see here, too, and prepare to cringe.) I only heard about it secondhand and still felt terrible for the guy. I’ve performed on stage and had that very thing happen to me — it’s one of the worst feelings one can have.

The question is, how does one handle it? Panic? Get angry at others? Ignore it? Via Moe Lane, the Perry campaign has handled this about as well it can be, by admitting and owning the flub and then asking people, “What part of the Federal Government would you like to forget about the most?

There are several good choices. For the record, I picked the NEA; the federal government should have no part in deciding what is “worthy” art.

We’ll see if the Perry campaign can recover from this and other debate stumbles. Regardless, they get a pat on the back for trying to make the best of the problem and not running from it.

PS: I’ve come to the conclusion I should stop backing candidates. Every time I do, something happens. I back Palin, she hems and haws and then pulls out. I back Perry, and he goes from being Superman to Alfred E. Newman. I can’t win.

PPS: On the other hand, maybe people should pay me money not to endorse their candidate. I’d get rich!

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14 Responses to “Rick Perry: how to recover from a public self-humiliation”


  1. Miranda says:

    Yes, I still like Perry. He’s got a long record of good governing. He was written off so quickly after his immigration comments, but those who wrote him off are going to be stuck with Romney if no one else can overcome. I can also identify with his brain freeze, but I do wish he were a better debater. His policies and his positions are, for the most part, excellent.

  2. David says:

    I’ll bet Herman Cain would love to give you a job.

  3. Politijim says:

    Do your services apply to other human relationships?

  4. ST says:

    Sadly, Perry has become this year’s Fred Thompson. And I’m with you. I’m going to stop announcing who I decide to back! LOL.

  5. omapian says:

    The MSM will exploit flubs by conservative candidates and any candidate who admits he/she lacks debating skills has no chance in the next election. Unfortunately,Rick Perry has not performed well in debates with Republicans who generally agree with him on many issues. While I cringed at his performance in this primary contest, I would be totally pained if he repeated his poor showing as the Republican candidate and may be tempted to follow a third party — a move to guarantee defeat.
    My best hope is to look past the nominee for president and focus on electing conservatives in Congress and local offices. If we must have 4 more years of Obama, we will need a conservative congress more than ever.

  6. Keith Arnold says:

    This is survivable. If a momentary brain-freeze disqualified a person from office, President Fifty-Seven States would still be an unknown community organizer, and Slow Joe “Chuck, Stand Up!” Biden would be… well, forget I said that. That last part just defies imagination.

    Except, of course, the pesky (R) after one’s name does seem to affect how the legacy media thinks…

  7. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    On the other hand, maybe people should pay me money not to endorse their candidate.

    I’ll pay you a million dollars to endorse both Obama and Romney. Confederate dollars, that is.

  8. Dave B says:

    I think Perry is handling it exactly right but I fear it is the totality of all the debates and the problems he has articulating anything, sniping when he shouldn’t, and so forth that will lead to a slow drain of his money. I believe his backers will come to the conclusion that he’s not ready yet.

  9. Kate says:

    All of this is understandably being used by the media, Obama and his Republican opponents to their best advantage, too. I don’t know how you get back to square-one once you have made so many mistakes and need to prove yourself under these conditions. Perhaps he’s has a performance anxiety problem…something that Barbra Streisand has, and yet she is quite a singer and on film is wonderful. Live she is a basketcase before performances. (forget her politics – she’s from Hollywood)

    Therefore,couldn’t this qualify him to be the candidate with a disability and we should all understand and give him a pass,er,a chance???? Shouldn’t allowances be made for him?

  10. Zippy says:

    I still like Perry.

  11. Lorica says:

    I like Perry more now than I did before the gaffe. LOL My problem with the perfect candidate is they are never the perfect President. I know I am abit odd this way, but I like to see how a person handles their flaws. Perry has done well, and has risen in my estimation due to it. – Lorica

  12. Carlos says:

    I never have been a Perry supporter, but if Mr. Gaffe-tastic or Mr. I-can’t-utter-a-sentence-eithout-a-telepromter President were held to the same standard, our Community-Organizer-in-Chief would still be strong-arming Chicago banks and Slo Joe would still be an obnoxious Senator from a state that has very little to brag about, considering who they foist on the rest of the country.

    I wonder if the LSM has an agenda in all this? Hmmmm.

  13. ST says:

    Carlos – good point re: BO’s gaffes, but he is still a skilled debater … a slickster, spinmeister extraordinaire.