Is President Golf Course really calling CEOs, Americans “lazy”?


President Obama said this weekend that the United States has gotten a little “lazy” about attracting foreign investment, and needs to be more aggressive about attracting overseas dollars.


Obama said he has assigned federal officials to work with state and local governments to help attract foreign investors.

The full exchange:

QUESTION: I think one related question, looking at the world from the Chinese side, is what they would characterize as impediments to investment in the United States. And so that discussion I’m sure will be part of whatever dialogue you have. And so how are you thinking about that?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, this is an issue, generally. I think it’s important to remember that the United States is still the largest recipient of foreign investment in the world. And there are a lot of things that make foreign investors see the U.S. as a great opportunity — our stability, our openness, our innovative free market culture.

But we’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — well, people will want to come here and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America. And so one of things that my administration has done is set up something called SelectUSA that organizes all the government agencies to work with state and local governments where they’re seeking assistance from us, to go out there and make it easier for foreign investors to build a plant in the United States and put outstanding U.S. workers back to work in the United States of America.

And we think that we can do much better than we’re doing right now. Because of our federalist system, sometimes a foreign investor comes in and they’ve got to navigate not only federal rules, but they’ve also got to navigate state and local governments that may have their own sets of interests. Being able to create if not a one-stop shop, then at least no more than a couple of stops for people to be able to come into the United States and make investments, that’s something that we want to encourage.

And where was President Obama today? Out golfing (surprise) in Hawaii with, among others, a pal who got nailed by the feds for soliciting prostitution. And fundraising ‘…inside a lush resort on the western side of Oahu.’

You really can’t make this stuff up.

CNN shows heavy bias in waterboarding question to Obama, gets facts wrong

President Obama was asked by CNN “reporter” Dan Lothian (bio here) about his thoughts on the GOP candidates’ positions on the practice of waterboarding. Here’s how he set it up (via Real Clear Politics):

“Last night at the Republican debate, some of the hopefuls, they hope to get your job, they defended the practice of waterboarding which is a practice you banned in 2009. Herman Cain said, quote, ‘I don’t see that as torture.’ Michele Bachmann said that it’s, quote, ‘very effective.’ So I’m wondering if you think that they’re uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” CNN’s White House correspondent Dan Lothian asked President Obama in Hawaii.

Talk about a set-up question!

Here’s the video:

President Obama’s instinctive answer, after pausing for a few seconds, was to joke that it was a “multiple choice question, isn’t it?”

First things first: The practice of waterboarding was effectively stopped in early 2003, and was “officially banned” under the administration of George W. Bush a few years after that (bolded emphasis added by me):

Nov 2, 2007 1:25pm – For all the debate over waterboarding, it has been used on only three al Qaeda figures, according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials. As ABC News first reported in September, waterboarding has not been used since 2003 and has been specifically prohibited since Gen. Michael Hayden took over as CIA director. Officials told ABC News on Sept. 14 [2007] that the controversial interrogation technique, in which a suspect has water poured over his mouth and nose to stimulate a drowning reflex as shown in the above demonstration, had been banned by the CIA director at the recommendation of his deputy, Steve Kappes. Hayden sought and received approval from the White House to remove waterboarding from the list of approved interrogation techniques first authorized by a presidential finding in 2002. The officials say the decision was made sometime last year but has never been publicly disclosed by the CIA.

Secondly: It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be successful. We would still be searching for OBL without the use of waterboarding. The LA Library Tower plot likely wouldn’t have been stopped without the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, either.

So, in addition to clearly being in the tank for Team Obama, Dan Lothian doesn’t have his facts together, either. Imagine that.

Gird your loins, my dear readers. Expect lots more softball, nudge nudge, wink wink “are the GOP candidates all nuts or just stupid?” questions from so-called “objective” MSM journalists in the coming weeks and months as the push to re-elect “The One” kicks into high gear.

In which the Master schools the ignorant student and leaves him whimpering for mercy

**Posted by Phineas

I don’t know how many of you watched the Republican debate on foreign affairs and national security last Saturday (1); I caught only parts, but I have to share this gem, which came when arrogant prat CBS anchor Scott Pelley (2) asked Newt Gingrich about the rule of law and the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki last September. The former Speaker starts to answer, and then Pelley kicks his moderator role to the gutter and begins to argue with him. (3)

Let’s just say that, when Gingrich was done with him, Pelley looked like Daffy Duck after yelling “Duck! Fire!

Thing. Of. Beauty.

RELATED: ST surprises herself by taking a second look at Newt. Much to my surprise, so am I.

(1) I had been avoiding them up until this point; I hate the quiz-show format. I will be watching the AEI-Heritage-CNN debate on the 22nd, however, since it will deal with foreign policy, one of my main interests.
(2) Pelley infamously compared skeptics of Man-caused global warming to Holocaust deniers. As you might imagine, he’s one of my favorite people.
(3) Thus displaying again the renowned impartiality of the MSM.

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