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November 15, 2011

#OccupyCLT earns #OWS street cred w/ arrests at enviro protest

For weeks I’ve been monitoring developments with the local “Occupy” movement otherwise known as Occupy Charlotte. Some on Twitter have suggested that Occupy Charlotte is not as exciting as some of the other, more notorious Occupy movements like Oakland and Portland, because the only arrests have been 2 – for jaywalking (I’ve heard there was a 3rd – for public urination, but I haven’t confirmed that info). One local media outlet called OccCLT a “mostly benign” movement so far – apparently not paying attention to how they’ve been radicalized thanks to their alliances with radical Anon hacktivists and the national OWS as well as their belief that it’s ok to “occupy” private property and terrorize customers and family members of banks and bankers as “payback” for “corporate greed.”.....   [Read More]