If you go off the reservation, the Democrats will try to destroy you

Posted by: Phineas on November 20, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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We’ve seen it happen time and again: a public figure from an ethic minority considered “ours” by the liberal left gains prominence as a conservative, they do everything in their power to ruin him or her politically for fear that others might follow. Long ago, it was Clarence Thomas and the “high tech lynching.” More recently, minority conservatives such as Miguel Estrada, Condoleezza Rice, and Marco Rubio were all subjected to vicious, mendacious, even racist attacks questioning their truthfulness, morality, and “authenticity” (1).

Now it’s Susana Martinez’s turn. The Governor of New Mexico has committed a great sin: she is from a minority (2) , Mexican-American, a conservative and a Republican, and she has the temerity to govern as one.

She is thus a threat and must be destroyed, in this case by lying about her family:

Here we have a popular and successful Latina politician with a bold, conservative agenda in an important swing state. As far as the mainstream media is concerned, there has to be a catch.

“Ms. Martinez, who grew up along the border, is also Mexican-American, with news reports since her election revealing that her paternal grandfather came to the United States as an illegal immigrant,” wrote Marc Lacey in a New York Times profile three months ago.

“…The New Mexican’s Sandra Baltazar Martínez reported recently, at least two of the governor’s grandparents also were [undocumented immigrants],” wrote the Santa Fe New Mexican in a recent editorial.

Lest you be under any illusions about the nature and motives of these news items, bear in mind that Gov. Martinez wants to roll back certain of her predecessor’s policies regarding illegal immigration in New Mexico, most notably, a policy that allows illegal immigrants to secure drivers licenses. “The governor’s opponents have pointed to her immigrant grandparents as an example of why New Mexico should welcome illegal immigrants and continue to allow them to get a driver’s license,” reports the Associated Press.

Obviously, the stage is set for the media and her political rivals to paint Gov. Martinez as a hypocrite and a traitor to her people.

There’s only one problem: The story about Martinez’s grandparents is junk. The Governor’s grandparents were not U.S. citizens, but they were most certainly not illegal immigrants.

Read the rest to see why this charge is bogus.

It’s an old rhetorical trick, one beloved of demagogues everywhere: plant a leading question seemingly loaded with damning implications with the audience, then trust that their cynicism and distrust of politicians will prevent them from thinking critically and asking rational questions such as, “What was the state of the law at the time her grandparents arrived in the US?”

It’s a cheap, sleazy tactic, but it’s one that’s used so regularly because it often works.

Thankfully, in the cases of Marco Rubio and candidate for US Senate Ted Cruz (R-TX), it didn’t work. But now the “smear guns” have been turned on Governor Martinez, who’s increasingly seen as another threat to the Democrats’ death-grip on minority groups.

We mustn’t let them succeed.

(1) Because, after all, what “authentic” minority could ever consider being a Republican. Must be a traitor.
(2) Twice-over. A Mexican-American and a woman. The horror…

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4 Responses to “If you go off the reservation, the Democrats will try to destroy you”


  1. SJ Reidhead says:

    This is such a crock. Susana Martinez has been, so far, an abject disaster as a governor, and I voted for her. I will never do so again. She spends her time pandering to her Hobbs oil/gas buddies, and waited nearly a year to finally tell the NM Film industry that she was not going to ruin it as she had promised to do during the campaign last year. She is an embarrassment to the GOP, incompetent, arrogant, and is completely in over her head.

    Just because she says the right anti-Hispanic things, drinks from the right tea party cup, and knows the secret handshake is no reason that she is any good as a governor. She is so bad at it, she makes Big Bill look competent!

    It’s too bad she isn’t have the governor Gary Johnson was. He knew what he was doing because he is so darn honest. Next to Chicago, NM probably has the most corrupt political system in the country. Johnson was able to rise above it. Martinez is incapable of doing so because she is so incompetent.

    I wish things had turned out differently. I was so looking forward to having her as a governor. Now I am so looking forward to have someone to support who wants to primary her. There is no way she is going to be re-elected, if she continues on her current path.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    “Have the governor?” Maybe the NM educational system needs a look also. I taught school in NM for one year and all I ever knew about Gary Johnson was he liked marijuana and jogging, not necessarily in that order.

  3. Carlos says:

    In any case, is Martinez the “wise Latina” a certain SCOTUS nominee talked about? No matter how competent or incompetent she is, she certainly knows more and makes better decisions than that rock.