Photo of the Day: The faces of #OWS cluelessness as exemplified by #UCDavis

Via The Charlotte Observer:

UC Davis

Protesters returned to University of California, Davis on Monday, November 21, 2011, for another day of demonstrations after campus police officers pepper-sprayed a group of students in Davis, California.
(Manny Crisostomo/Sacramento Bee/MCT)

The now-infamous UC Davis pepper-spraying incident from 11-18 has become a rallying cry – a call to arms – for Occupiers nationwide as they seek to legitimize their entitlement movement partly by way of screaming “police brutality” over every single incident where the police have had to act to move belligerent protesters who refuse to not occupy – which was the case with UC Davis. The CS Monitor on what happened:

Police use of pepper spray to disperse “occupy” demonstrators at UC Davis has set off a firestorm of protest, the suspension of two officers, and calls for the school’s chancellor to resign.

Video of the incident at the University of California campus, showing demonstrators sitting peacefully on a sidewalk as officers sprayed them with a red mist of pepper spray at very close range, quickly went viral.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, who initially voiced support for the officers Friday, soon backtracked.

“I spoke with students this weekend, and I feel their outrage,” Chancellor Katehi said Sunday in a statement announcing that two officers had been put on administrative leave.

“I have also heard from an overwhelming number of students, faculty, staff and alumni from around the country,” she said. “I am deeply saddened that this happened on our campus, and as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident. However, I pledge to take the actions needed to ensure that this does not happen again. I feel very sorry for the harm our students were subjected to and I vow to work tirelessly to make the campus a more welcoming and safe place.”

Katehi said she is accelerating the timetable for a task force to investigate the events surrounding the arrests of 10 protesters Friday, including communications from the police to the administration, according to the university statement Sunday. She set a deadline of 30 days for the task force, which will include representatives of faculty, students and staff, to be chosen and convened this coming week.

What a surprise to find spineless, backtracking “leadership” at UC Davis. Astonishing, really, when you read about all the violent threats that UC regents have been under over the last few years for a whole host of typically selfish “me-first” liberal reasons like rising tuition rates, budget cuts, etc. But apparently that means nothing to Chancellor Katehi, who would rather have a high approval rating with the student body than actually possess a backbone and knees that don’t jerk.

Oh, as to the viral video of the pepper-spraying? Of course the context was completely left out. What’s been going viral is the one minute video showing the officer walking up and pepper-spraying the students who had locked arms and sat down, refusing to move – and, no, they weren’t “peaceful.” The context of five minutes before hands shows obnoxious juveniles in “adult” bodies sitting down with locked arms participating in “mic checks” with the rather large crowd, yelling at officers, etc. You also see the officers giving the crowd – and the sidewalk sitting morons – plenty of opportunity to get up to avoid being pepper-sprayed. They knew, everyone around them who saw the officers shaking the orange cans knew. But they stayed anyway. And they got sprayed.

Do I have any sympathy for these fools? No. I don’t. The police really didn’t have many other options to get the students to move short of dragging them kicking and screaming off the sidewalk to prevent them from “occupying.” In response, OWS’ favorite bullies, the Anons, have already “doxed” one of the officers by revealing personal information, including his home address and phone number, and are encouraging harassment and threats.

Again, it’s not a “free speech violation” to be told you can’t occupy. It’s a free speech violation to be told you can’t speak at all. Marching, chanting, etc – no problem. Occupying? A problem. And one that is growing, if troublesome communes like Occupy Oakland and Occupy Seattle are any indication. These thugs, aging hippies, and self-important college nitwits could learn a thing or two from Tea Party rallies, which effectively helped spread the message to politicians and other prominent political figures that they WILL be held accountable for their votes and actions. All of it was done without occupying and the general thuggery and violence that has become synonymous with it.

Lastly, 1 percenter Michael Moore weighs in with what is arguably the most laughable quote of the entire Occupy “movement”: “[T]he [UC Davis] images have resonated around the world in the same way the lone man standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square resonated.”


With all this in mind, make sure you read Derek A. Hunter’s “Generation Mutant: Occupiers are the Natural Spawn of the Progressive Movement” column from Sunday. It’s essential reading for those of you who, like me, are eager to learn everything you can about exactly who and what it is we’re up against. Here’s a sampling:

The “occupiers” are the post-digested remains of the natural journey through the intestinal tract of the metastasizing liberal ideology in education and pop culture.

The “millennials,” as they’re called, are the first generation spawned from the “progressive” idea of equal outcome disguised as equal opportunity. They are the “Participation Ribbon People” – a generation rewarded and praised simply for showing up. The result of social promotion, time-outs over spanking and the misguided concept that reward is deserved and not earned.

The movies, books and music these kids devoured portrayed business as evil and CEOs as thieves in suits whose wealth comes not from hard work but by exploiting the poor or selling dangerous and defective products to an unsuspecting population.

This generation grew up with “reality TV,” which is not, of course, realistic at all. It measures success as drinking more beers before you vomit than the next guy. A sex tape brings not embarrassment but celebrity status.

It might have seemed as if these children of entitlement treated rioting as an audition for the Jersey Shore, but they weren’t – although MTV was at Zuccotti Park recruiting candidates for “The Real World.”

The only thing more prevalent among the “occupiers” than body lice is their sense of entitlement. They’re entitled to forgiveness of the college loans they willingly took out. They can trespass on private property and stay as long as they like. They claim to represent the “99 percent” of the country not among the wealthiest 1 percent. But do they?


Nothing undermines civil society more than the belief that every thought is correct, that every desire should be fulfilled. It doesn’t work that way, of course. And when people discover their every whim won’t be met, they find scapegoats.

Zuccotti Park has been filled with people who’ve been coddled their whole lives, who’ve never been told they’re wrong, who’ve been raised to pursue feeling over logic. They’re being confronted with an uncertain future, and its doubly scary for them because they never have been allowed to face the consequences of failure.

They’ve been encased in an emotional bubble-wrap that protected them from reality until graduation. They’ve never truly faced failure. They got a ribbon or trophy every time. Now, suddenly, someone won’t hire them or promote them or give them a good apartment at a low price. What’s worse, someone else did get that job, that promotion. That someone must have cheated.

Make sure to read the whole thing.

Los Angeles to #OccupyLA : “Please take this land in tribute and don’t hurt us!”

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When the Vandals looted Rome in 455 A.D., they at least had to capture the city first before sacking it. Their successors here in Los Angeles, however, don’t have to go to such trouble.

We’ll just pay tribute, instead:

Los Angeles officials have offered Occupy L.A. protesters a package of incentives that includes downtown office space and farmland in an attempt to persuade them to abandon their camp outside of City Hall, according to several demonstrators who have been in negotiations with the city.

The details of the proposal were revealed Monday during the demonstration’s nightly general assembly meeting by Jim Lafferty, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild who has been advocating on behalf of the protest since it began seven weeks ago.

Lafferty said city officials have offered protesters a $1-a-year lease on a 10,000-square-foot office space near City Hall. He said officials also promised land elsewhere for protesters who wish to farm, as well as additional housing for the contingent of homeless people who joined the camp.

A spokesman for the mayor would not comment on the proposal, saying only: “We are in negotiations with organizers of Occupy L.A.”

Los Angeles has been one of the most accommodating cities in the nation for its Occupy encampment.

No kidding. Even the pusillanimous Mayor Quan of Oakland finally had enough and sent in the cops.

But Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa (he of the many affairs and illegal comped Laker tickets) has a spine made from the purest rubber, so that he can be even more of a wimp than Jean Quan or Michael Bloomberg: he won’t just refuse to enforce the law, he’s willing to give the Occupiers what they want — free stuff! (Okay, a dollar a year. Who’s quibbling?)

Now that’s a leader for you. We have to be tolerant, never mind the brandishing of weapons, public lewdness, and sexual assaults:

Five people at the Occupy L.A. encampment have been charged with separate crimes, including a man who allegedly exposed himself and commited a sex act in front of a child, officials said Tuesday.

Angele Chaidez, 21, faces one count of lewd conduct and one count of indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself and masturbating in front of several people, including children, Friday on the south steps of City Hall, said prosecutors with the L.A. city attorney’s office.

That same day, Zachary Isaac, 21, allegedly entered a woman’s tent and called her “Satan.” After the woman asked Isaac to leave, he allegedly punched her in the face with a closed fist. Prosecutors charged him with one count of battery resulting in injury.

Robert Holland Jr., 31, allegedly waved a knife at another person on Halloween, then resisted arrest, prosecutors said. He was charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, one count of disturbing the peace and one count of resisting arrest.

And let’s not forget blatant Jew-hatred.

But, no matter. “Free speech” is all that matters, forget the rights of the public to feel safe on public property. Forget the rights of small and micro-businessmen to earn a livelihood and who are seeing their businesses wrecked by Occupy LA. Forget everything else but the right of peaceful Occupiers to impose their will on everyone else.

Or else.

Okay, perhaps I’m being too hard on Mayor Villaraigosa. After all, he really is trying to do something about Occupy LA.

It’s called “appeasement.”

LINKS: More from The Jawa Report, Hot Air, and The Other McCain. From Jack Dunphy, an active-duty LAPD officer writing under a pseudonym: “Chief Beck is abetting the lawlessness.”

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Disturbing: The eerie similarities between #OWS and flash mobs

Fox News reports on the latest instance of flash mob thuggery, this time at another 7-Eleven in Maryland:

This flash mob is practicing thievery in numbers.

A group of 50 people were caught on tape as they flooded into a 7-Eleven in Silver Spring, Md., this past weekend and casually pilfered from the shelves as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

The group, comprised mostly of teens and young adults, walked into the convenience store and stole various snacks and drinks just after 11 p.m. on Saturday, according to Montgomery County Police Department officials investigating the incident.

Surveillance video posted on YouTube by the department shows the suspects walking up and down the aisles of the convenience store and grabbing snacks, then placing the food in their pockets.

When cops arrived at the scene, the flash mob scattered, running from the store. Six stragglers were found later with items that they could not prove they paid for, according to police.

Investigators believe that the large group had come from a birthday party in the area.

A similar incident happened in August at another 7-Eleven in nearby Germantown, where 30 youths walked into the store late at night and plucked items off the shelves as if they were shopping. Some were even savvy enough to cover their faces with their shirts to protect their identities from cameras.

In reading this, I was struck by the number of similarities between flash mobs and the Occupy Wall Street movement:

  1. Their obvious entitlement mentality.  It’s ok to take by force the property of others, because it’s “owed” to you as a “victim” of society.  For Occupiers, this includes bank lobbies, the front yards of “the enemy”, abandoned homes/property, and – of course – your tax dollars.
  2. Their willingness to use obnoxiousness and/or violence to get what they want.  How often have we seen this in the bigger“Occupy” cities like Oakland, Seattle, Portland, and NYC?
  3. Along with that, the preying on of those perceived as weak.  In the case of Occupiers, it’s women, the homeless, and the handicapped – among others.
  4. The mind-blowing lack of any real sense of personal responsibility.  Occupiers, for example, believe that “Occupying” foreclosed homes is imperative, because it’s “the bank’s” fault the homeowner either knowingly took on a mortgage they couldn’t handle, or couldn’t pay after a job loss. They also believe that college students should not have to pay back student loans they signed on for, and that instead you and I should foot the bill.
  5. The willingness to cover their faces in the act of defying city laws and ordinances in order to “occupy” and “protest.”  We see this most often with Occupiers who wear bandana face coverings and Guy Fawkes masks. They’ll tell you it’s to ward off the so-called “chemical agents” used by their local PD, but that’s only part of the reason.  The other part is to make it harder for police to find them and arrest them in the event they are “wanted” by the authorities for breaking the law.
  6. Can’t get what you want on an individual basis? Mob rule is most definitely in order in both flash mobs and Occupy communes.

That’s all I’ve got so far, but I’m sure there’s more. Anyone else?