Planned parenthood has the perfect idea for Thanksgiving table-talk

Posted by: Phineas on November 24, 2011 at 3:05 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Planned Parenthood of New York is providing tips on how to promote abortion at your Thanksgiving dinner.

In what universe did anyone think this would be a good idea? Just… wow.

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8 Responses to “Planned parenthood has the perfect idea for Thanksgiving table-talk”


  1. Dana says:

    Sounds like an idea which could backfire to me. When people around the dinner table start talking about the things for which they give thanks, these discussions will have an “I’m thankful I wasn’t aborted” statement.

    Nor does a holiday in which people gather to thank God for the blessings in their lives seem like a particularly good time to bring up one of the most ungodly of actions. Sometimes it’s better to just keep certain topics away from the dinner table.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    When I was a kid any mealtime conversation was to be of a pleasant nature. If one had broached such a subject as abortion at the dinner table, a not-so-subtle “you’re excused from the table” was next. And there would be unpleasant consequesnces later.

  3. Carlos says:

    I grew up in a house where my dad’s work was usually the topic of conversation, if he had made it home. He was a lab technician, and there was nearly no end to the goriness he could heap on at the table.

    However, this is one subject that never made it to dinner conversation. Not that it was a verboten subject in the house, but it certainly wouldn’t have been discussed at the dinner table, especially at Thanksgiving.

  4. Lorica says:

    Ohhhh They are just trying to “arm” their flunkies with some knowledge because they are tired of getting there asses handed to them by conservatives. After so many years of being wrong about a subject it starts to wear on a person’s psyche. Eventually these guys will go from moon bat crazy to just plain ol’ insane. – Lorica

  5. Taxpayer says:

    Geez! They’re both immoral AND tacky.

    My family talked politics and history at the dinner table. Sometimes there’d be heated discussions (a room full of Irish Catholics, ’nuff said), but abortion would never have been brought up except to condemn it.

  6. Toa says:

    Good grief, the stuff that comes out of the “Progressive” mind is just funny and pathetic at the same time. :-? Promoting abortion while at the dinner table?!?!? THANKSGIVING, no less…
    I guess we should expect such stuff from the kind of folks who believe that the way to draw attention to some “urgent” issue is to stage a mass naked bicycle ride…/:)

  7. Steven Broiles says:

    I am against abortion, but in Alan Guttmacher’s case, I’ll make an exception! As for Margaret Sanger, “It would have been better had that woman never been born.”

  8. Carlos says:

    There are always people we can point to and say, “He/She should have been an abortion,” but unfortunately that’s what libs do, is take an isolated situation and turn it into a general philosophy or way of life.

    Yes, the world would have been better off without Sanger, or Hitler, or Mussolini, or Attila or any number of others, but 1) there is no way to tell ahead of time who’s in that class and 2) where would one draw a line and say, “This far, and no more?”

    ‘Tis better to deal with the narcissistic megalomaniac as needed than to lose a precious, innocent life before birth, IMHO.