Budget cuts called for in Los Angeles to offset high costs of #OccupyLA

Posted by: ST on December 21, 2011 at 6:48 pm

Way to go, morons!:

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The City of Los Angeles reportedly faces millions of dollars in expenses brought about by the Occupy LA movement.

City agencies have been ordered to calculate what was spent on the Occupy LA protests.

Repairs to City Hall’s lawn where the Occupy group set up camp on Oct. 1 will require an estimated $400,000. The police action to clear out the encampment on Nov. 30 cost more than $700,000.

Additional expenses are attributed to hauling away debris from the camp, and cleaning up graffiti that defaced City Hall marble walls and trees.

Mayor Villaraigosa says more budget cuts will be necessary to offset the costs.

Why the heck don’t they bill Occupy Wall Street for this instead of stiffing LA taxpayers (again)? They’re rolling in the dough, although not enough to cover the full costs of the destruction Occupy LA brought to city streets/lawns/etc, but it’s a start. You know just as well as I do that if the Tea Party cost LA even a fraction of this money they’d be billed for it and payment demanded. It’s also worth pointing out that if the city’s Mayor hadn’t wasted the time he did waiting to clear the camp in the first place the cost wouldn’t be near what it turned out to be.

Oh, and for the record: The total cost to date for Occupy movements nationwide on taxpayers? $23,693,283 (via @pinkelephantpun).

Just so you, you know, know.


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14 Responses to “Budget cuts called for in Los Angeles to offset high costs of #OccupyLA”


  1. Neo says:

    I was thinking about trying this “Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread White House talking points while you’re passing the gravy” thing on my Obama-loving Sister-in-law and her husband. I figure if I pour it on so unrelentingly thick that even they won’t like Obama any more because they will be sure that if I like him, he must be a “Republican stooge.”

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Living proof that the weight of the Rocky Mountains caused the country to tilt and all the nuts rolled to California.

  3. JimK says:

    Anybody but the Dems could have seen this coming. A responsible administration would have banned these settlements from the gitgo. The least they could do now is sue the the crap out of AdBusters, the Canadian outfit that started it all.

  4. Pasadena Phil says:

    Mayor Pancho Villaraigosa is just blaming his amigos in the Occupy events as political cover for his own failure to manage the city’s fiscal affairs. The out-of-control government spending throughout LA is due to rampant crony corruption of which his is as bad as anyone’s. LA is a criminal enterprise.

  5. So, the bottom 99% suffers so the top 1% of government-connected people can take advantage of taxpayers and public lands? Typical tyranny.

    Good thing there are real conservatives out there like me, fighting hard for the 99% who are not Big Government-Big Labor-Big (Government-connected) Business. We just need to do the exact opposite of everything Occupy Wall Street does to help out the 99%.

  6. Carlos says:

    Oh, and tell Hizzoner the mayor to be sure to cut back on the cops because, doggone it, that’s where the riff-raff known as voters see cutbacks the earliest and the most, and it’s an easy way to get fools to vote for higher taxes.

    (It never occurs to the fools to cut out the elected officials who do such things – too hard to connect the dots there!)

  7. redgypsy says:

    wow. It’s like I went out, screwed around, had a kid, and now I’m expecting the government to pay for it.
    Oh wait. Hmmmm.

  8. Miroco says:

    Got it, let’s cut off Los Angeles, in fact California and watch it sink to a briny demise. Let them finish moving their businesses here to Texas first!!!

  9. Carlos says:

    Can’t do that, Miroco. You know, too big to fail and all that.

    Besides, what jackass worth his salt would let a socialist nation/state go into receivership? None that I know of.

  10. Tony Rappa says:

    Wow! Thanks Occupy – You’re doing so much for our country, NOT!

  11. Carlos says:

    And I suppose you believe it was the Republicans (who passed in the House a one-year extension of the “tax holiday” insisted upon by Democraps) were to blame for the sad fiasco just finished that kept our Golfer-in-Chief from getting to his well-deserved vacation?

    The rest of the nation has to balance its budgets, and in memory I can think of only one instance when the Congress bailed out any other “city-state.” So why are you so peeved that most of us (who have to live within the means we earn, aren’t given) don’t like irresponsible spendthrifts using OUR money to bail out even more irresponsible spendthrifts?

    When I was growing up it was common to see in stores the sign, “You break it, you buy it!” So what’s the difference? Those idiots break their own budgets, let them figure out how to get out of their own hole by themselves. “Helping” them by bailing them out will simply encourage more of the same from them (and anyone else inclined to be irresponsible in that way.)

    And BTW, “charity” (as in “Charity begins at home”) doesn’t involve holding a gun to the head of the giver.