VIDEO: This is the man Senator John McCain endorsed today

Posted by: ST on January 4, 2012 at 7:39 pm

First, about the endorsement, from the NYT Caucus Blog:

For Senator John McCain, the last Republican presidential nominee, choosing between former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts or Rick Santorum, a former Senate colleague, was a pick between old enemies.

On Wednesday, with his endorsement of Mr. Romney, Mr. McCain chose the man he clashed with four years ago over the one he and his allies clashed with only last year.

Mr, McCain’s prickly relationship with Mr. Romney during the 2008 campaign for the Republican nomination animated a series of debates in which Mr. McCain accused Mr. Romney of supporting a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Mr. Romney accused Mr. McCain of β€œthe kind of dirty tricks that I think Ronald Reagan would have found to be reprehensible.” In β€œGame Change,” a book on the 2008 campaign, the senator repeatedly groused that Mr. Romney would say anything to win the nomination and accused him of lacking a soul.

“Say anything” to try and win an election? You betcha:

(From the pro-Newt Winning Our Future PAC)

That video’s almost as powerful as the one Senator McCain, then the GOP nominee for President, ran against fellow Senator and Democrat nominee for President Barack Obama in the summer of 2008 – featuring then-Senator Joe Biden’s spot on pre-primary remarks about Obama’s lack of experience:

For more grins and giggles, here’s a flashback to other criticisms Biden waged against Barack Obama before Obama picked him to be his vice presidential running mate in order to give his ticket some foreign policy “gravitas” (how’d that work out, BTW?).

It sure is amazing how much certain politicos can change their stripes when given opportunities by their political opposition and other foes. We know what Senator Joe Biden got in 2008 – but just what does Senator McCain get out of / for endorsing Mitt Romney?


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13 Responses to “VIDEO: This is the man Senator John McCain endorsed today”


  1. Phineas says:

    but just what does Senator McCain get out of / for endorsing Mitt Romney?

    For McCain, I’m sure the ego-stroking and attention was all he needed.

  2. What does McCain get out of it? Another desperate fifteen minutes of fame. What a tool!

  3. Nanc says:

    Gives MeggieMac an excuse to draw attention to herself by slinging mud at the other candidates?

  4. tonynoboloney says:

    No matter who the eventual republican nominee is, I will never cast a vote for Romney.

    That McCain is endorsing him only reinforces my position. I voted for McCain with nose plugs on in 2008. I will not do the same this time around for Romney. I’m tired of being abused by the GOP.

  5. Dave B says:

    I think it’s the same thing that Sarah Palin got for endorsing McCain. During the last election Romney dropped out of the race without trying to damage McCain and did it with class even after he and Huckabee “tagteamed” him out of the primaries. He also campaigned for McCain and then McCain/Palin throughout the country tirelessly. He didn’t pull a “Newt”, that’s for sure. Even to this day Huckabee, after getting his “gig” at Fox still takes subtle cheap shots against Romney every chance he gets and Romney has never spoken ill of the guy in all that time. Endorsing Romney is a way of paying him back for being a class act who put his country before his own political ambitions and ego… unlike what Newt has vowed to do in New Hampshire. McCain is extremely popular in NH and he saw his chance to head him off and offset what is sure to come.

  6. Carlos says:

    “…but just what does Senator McCain get out of / for endorsing Mitt Romney?”

    McCain gets the satisfaction of knowing he’s still the sleaziest Democrap called a Republican in elected office in D.C. Apparently politics has done to McCain what the VC couldn’t – it’s broken him to a man who has no standards, morals or principles, only an ego to stoke and revenge to be served any way possible.

  7. Jeff Edelman says:

    With the video documenting all Romney’s flip flops isn’t it obvious, Dave B., that this guy is a politician royale. He, like the maggot presently occupying the white House, would say anything to win election. He has no convictions. He is a northeastern liberal. He is part of the Republican establishment. A blueblood, Dave. A Rockefeller Republican. Socialist lite. Not what America needs. One-eighty, baby. It’s got to be one-eighty if this once great nation is to reclaim its greatness; if it’s going to return to the principles and ideas of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.It’s going to take conviction. Leadership. A person who has a vision and won’t be jarred from it. That is not Romney. McCain endorsed Romney because McCain had his turn as deemed by the Republican establishment. And now, as the establishment deems,its failed previous candidate must endorse its latest anointed candidate. He’s a team player. This is not a choice to advance America. This is a choice to defend and perpetuate the aristocracy in D.C.

  8. Dave B says:

    Jeff: I live in Massachusetts, I’m a Tea Party member, and a staunch conservative. I challenge Rick Santorum or Newt to make residency in Massachusetts and then run for governor. If they’re so conservative and unbending then let them take their crack at saving our Commonwealth. They don’t have the guts to run in a state that is totally liberal, they don’t have the conviction to go to the belly of the beast and fight, they prefer to stay within their own element and claim courage as opposed to actually displaying it. I’m not crazy about a McCain endorsement but I understand why he did it. Romney left the 2008 race with class and supported the candidate for US. Jeff, for a “politician royale” he’s only served 4 years. What does that make Santorum or Gingrich? Are you the same person you were at age 18? I’m not. Santorum and Ginrich are career politicians that have made their living being… politicians. Romney has spent most of his life in the private sector. Senators and congressmen make votes. Governors make decisions. What are we to do? Should we perpetuate the “aristocracy” in DC by voting in two Washington insiders or do something else? Santorum hasn’t been vetted yet and Ginrich is the king of flipflops. Obama might even top that. Jeff, I know what you’re saying. Trust me. But you have no idea what Romney did in Massachusetts and how he turned things around and what he had to face every day. Does it take more courage to run as a Republican in Massachusetts or a Republican congressman in Georgia or Pennsylvania? He obviously did something nobody that was a “career politician” would do. Why not run as a Democrat in an almost unanimously Democrat state?
    As a veteran/police officer I have never, not once, asked people to vote for Mitt Romney for any reason. What I have done is stick up for him when people jump to conclusions or dismiss his courage and his conviction to conservative principles. I consider it my duty to make sure that the more informed and brightest remain that way when they make their decisions. The truth is the truth. Romney did almost miraculous things in an ultra liberal state. Staunch conservatives in Massachusetts love the guy. You can dismiss that if you want and you can vote for some career politician that you believe will “change Washington” if you want. I prefer a guy I’ve seen in action who delivers.

  9. Dave B says:

    Jeff: didn’t finish. Romney is the only candidate that I’ve seen that actually has figured out what he is going to do as President. Gingrich wanted to increase his speaking fees, Santorum wants a gig at Fox, Cain did the same thing. They all came out with “programs” after the fact unlike Mitt. Even Michele Bachmann who I love didn’t really believe she could be the nominee as a congresswoman and I believe was preparing for a later date. Ron Paul has openly admitted he knows he won’t be the nominee. John Huntsman is getting his name out there and pretending he’s a serious candidate this time around. Mitt worked his ass off in the off season preparing for this run. That tells me a lot about him. His two closest competitors couldn’t even qualify for the Virginia ballot.

  10. Kate says:

    Beg to differ a bit on one point Dave…Santorum has won in a very liberal state and has had the same experience on the national level with working across the isle. Even though he did get beat out the second time around by an “favorite” son, Bobby Casey Jr. He takes a lot of lumps for doing that and endorsing Arlen Spector who was always somewhat of an institution in PA politics. He could beat Obama in any debate with half his brain tied behind his back. Of cousre, he is very PRO life and conservative to the core…but his Iowa campaign focused on the economy and jobs and that’s probably what got him the votes.

    McCain backing Romney is the Republican party’s way of trying to bolster a national campaign…I think this is wrong. I think that McCain should have kept quiet and the RNC should let the people vote before insinuating their choices.

  11. Kate says:

    McCain backing Romney is the Republican party’s way of trying to bolster a national campaign…I think this is wrong. I think that McCain should have kept quiet and the RNC should let the people vote before insinuating their choices.