California: Governor Brown thinks we’re stupid

Posted by: Phineas on January 6, 2012 at 1:59 pm

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Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget was released yesterday (1) and it’s… Well, this is a family show, so let’s just say it’s “interesting.”

Governor Jerry Brown proposed $92.6 billion in spending for the year starting in July, an increase of about 7 percent, which will count on voters approving $7 billion of higher taxes in November.

The spending plan foresees a deficit of $9.2 billion through the next 18 months. Almost half of that is in the current fiscal year, he said. He called for $4.2 billion in cuts, mostly to welfare and programs for the poor. If the tax increase isn’t passed, Brown’s plan would cut another $4.8 billion in support for public schools and community colleges.

In other words, the government of a state that’s already suffering from too much government spending and suicidally high levels of taxation wants to increase spending and ask the voters to tax themselves more. Makes sense? It does if you’re a California liberal Democrat. I mean, we just couldn’t cut some of the myriad of needless and redundant state boards we maintain (and whose members draw six-figure salaries). We couldn’t cut the subsidized car leases and hefty per diems our elected representatives oligarchs get (2). We couldn’t find ways to increase revenue by intelligently exploiting our vast natural resources and making California once again an attractive place to do business, now could we?

Heaven forfend! Are you mad?

No, the only way to feed Sacramento’s crack habit spending needs is to raise revenue by increasing sales and income taxes, the latter especially on those filthy, evil, rich people. (That is, small business owners who create the few jobs that still are created here.) That means We The People have to agree to those taxes.

And that means Jerry has to lie to us:

The proposed 2012 budget would slash $5.2 billion in public school funding if voters reject the tax increases Brown is trying to put on the November ballot. This would include about $200 million in cuts each to the University of California and the Cal State University systems and $4.8 billion to K-12 education and community colleges. (3)

In other words, “if you don’t agree to tax yourselves more, you must hate children! My God, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” It’s the typical prediction of apocalyptic doom they hit us with every single time they ask for higher taxes. And it is absolute baloney.

A little background: under Proposition 98, passed in 1988, funds for K-12 education in California must increase every year (4); it’s required by the state constitution. As you’ll see in the summary charts for the budget (PDF, via Moe Lane), Brown’s budget includes a $4.8 billion increase in K-12 funding. Look familiar? It should; that’s the same amount cited as a “slash” in funding in the above quote. In other words, the “cut in education funding” is really the elimination of a proposed increase, not a genuine cut at all.

And that’s the lie: the “cut” the Democrats are shrieking about would really be just holding education spending at it’s already-generous level. That’s why I say they think we’re stupid. They think we’ll fall for it. But they forget they’ve tried this trick before, and it hasn’t worked. Ballot proposals for tax increases have a history here of going down to defeat. I predict this one will, too.

Because we’re not as stupid as our masters think.

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UPDATE: At Cal Watchdog, Katy Grimes says the Governor is holding schoolchildren hostage.

(1) Not released by Jerry, though. That was supposed to be next week. Some staffer screwed up. Ooops.
(2) In fact, all three branches of government get an increase. How… nice.
(3) With an annoyed comment from me at the bottom.
(4) The law can be suspended for a year by a 2/3rds vote of the legislature. I suspect this is what will have to happen if the voters reject the tax increase.

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9 Responses to “California: Governor Brown thinks we’re stupid”


  1. Carlos says:

    As in every other state and in the federal government, it never occurs to our masters to cut where the real pork is, and that’s in the bureaucracies the government has itself created to burrow further into each and every life (except for the masters’ lives, of course).

    Here’s an idea for you, Jerry: Why not eliminate the Department of Environmental Quality with its jillions of conflicting rules, and start all over again with a new agency that is severely restricted in its scope and purpose, actually protecting the environment from actual, scientifically provable dangers?

    Or do what Scotty has in Wisconsin, and that is slap the crap out of the public unions and let them know that public service is not a birthright to fortunes but a privilege, and that businesses would go broke in 15 minutes if run like those unions run the government?

    The list is nearly endless, as are the extravagances in your budget. For instance, don’t you think you could do most of your traveling around in, say, a Chevy Volt, like you want the rest of us to do? Or is it that such things are for “the small people,” not the masters? Same with the den of thieves you call a legislature.

    I anxiously await your response(s). And I expect the same from you that we get from my state just to your north, also loaded with lard-butts, Democraps and entitled public “servants.”

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Agreed on all counts Brontefan. I taught history as well and was about to conclude ignorance was hereditary; it all starts at home. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her airhead spoutings are how blond jokes got started.

  3. Brontefan says:

    There is and has been an overall theme across American… that if you are Democrat, you are genius; if you are Republican–you must be stupid. Interestingly enough the TRUTH, something many Dems hate to address, is quite the opposite. We have dozens of Hollywood celebs running around insisting on Democratic policies, which are not almost exclusively MARXIST, who are not well educated. We have a Dept. of Education that makes sure our young people are indoctrinated into the liberal thought process…instead of learning REAL history and real facts. I think it is amazing that when I was teaching US history, I found dozens of websites & articles about how Reaganomics just did not work or only helped the top 13% of the population. Then, I went to the Dept. of Labor stats and drew down the actual facts & figures for what a person was making before Reagan and what that same person was making after the 8 years of his presidency. We have a current president who is a community organizer…which means he can organize a riot but cannot lead his way out of the WH restroom. Part of the problem is the media, which perpetuates this dogma. One example is Debbie W-Shultz who frequently stands in front of a camera and tactlessly yells out details at a monumental speed–most of which are simply not true but are current Democratic talking points. Need I say more?

  4. In a time of shortages of money, Governor Brown wants to increase state spending by more than twice the rate of inflation? Yup, you were right with the title: he does think that y’all are stupid. Of course, the fact that you voted him into office would be the primary piece of evidence that Californians really are idiots.

  5. CaMom says:

    As a Californian, I feel I have a dog in this fight. Instead of targeting the elderly, the disabled, and the youth of our state, I suggest California NOT subsidize the higher education of the many illegal aliens who reside here! Even better, send all the illegals back to Mexico, so we are no longer paying for their food, clothing, housing, and medical expenses! And on top of that, so many more LEGAL citizens will have jobs opened to them.

    Interesting, that in the check I received for being an in home health service provider, there was recently a notice that ‘due to recent changes, IHSS will no longer be able to direct deposit checks in an account that TRANSFERS THE ENTIRE CHECK TO A BANK OUT OF THE COUNTRY’ HUH!!!!!!!

  6. HeyDennis says:

    Don’t expect a change any time soon. Not one incumbent state legislator was voted out of office in the midterm elections..not one.

  7. Steph says:

    Yep, he thinks we are stupid as do the Assembly and State Senate. California, like the federal government, has a spending problem not a revenue problem! The Republican minority in state government has tried to hold the budget without tax increases but there are always a few traitors who vote with the nut cases. Hospitals are closing due to the “free” health care to illegal aliens which is a small sample of the insanity here. The ones pushing this continued spending always push our children as the losers if the money to the state is decreased. They ought to be ashamed of themselves! One of the reasons we had the incident at U.C. Davis was due to the proposed increase of tuitions. I would agree with Jerry that we have way too many redundant agencies with salaries that the state cannot afford. In the education department, all the way down to local school boards, there are way too much administrative staff so the actual teachers have to pay for their own paper and supplies. Then they now want our history and social studies textbooks to be re-written from first grade up to reflect how homosexuals have contributed to our society and history. I don’t know about you but I actually have never given thought to a hero’s sex life before and now our kids get to know it in detail. Oh, how I wish there was some intelligence in Sacramento!!

  8. Ryan says:

    I’ve lived in California since July 1998 and not one person I have voted for has been elected to office.