Stuck On Stupid Watch: Rep. Jackson Lee says Newt using racist “code words”

Posted by: ST on January 20, 2012 at 9:02 pm

Someone buy this woman a big giant CLUE. Please:

[CNN’s MARTIN BASHIR]: Let me play something that you said about the current GOP debate on the floor of the house on Wednesday. Just listen. I think what you said and what I was hoping to run is we find candidates like Newt Gingrich who simply want to throw fuel and matches on fire to develop sort of an explosiveness in this country that is unnecessary. To suggest that president Obama is the food stamp president has underlying suggestions. What did you mean by underlying suggestions?

LEE: These are code words. It’s inappropriate.

BASHIR: Did you mean racist?

LEE: Let me say that the code words, as far as I’m concerned words that generate and signify race. Comments made by someone other than the president when he was a candidate caused him to make a significant speech on race to say race is a factor in the United States, but I work and will represent all people. Here we have Newt Gingrich, taking the opposite road, if you will. It’s I will use race to divide. I will call the president the food stamp president not knowing that food stamps are utilized by our soldiers, utilized by Kau Kaig caucasians more than African- Americans. Telling the us a janitor who makes $37,000 would be in a better position to give his job up so that the children of the poor in New York, I think he used the example, the school district Latino and African-American can pick up a broom and work. We know those children should have an opportunity to be an astronaut, scientist. we’re not against work. these children want work. They are fighting for summer jobs. That’s a code word to, if you will, portray poor children and poor school districts that they have seen no one work legitimately. That they don’t have a work ethic and these janitors are overpaid unionized workers who don’t have family and not making $37,000 a year. I think Mr. Newt Gingrich should be ashamed of himself and we should not want to win at any cost. Let’s bring the country together. Let’s not destroy Mr. Obama. Let’s talk about helping the American people.

What a complete idiot! It’s a shame so many Democrats are not only stuck on stupid in this country, but they’re also stuck on race … and that only gets amplified in an election year, especially an election year where they are extraordinarily desperate. I think it says more about Jackson Lee and other Democrats that think “food stamps” is a “code word” for “racism” and “black people” than it does someone like Newt speaking with brutal honesty about the situation the nation’s poor – no matter their color – find themselves in today as a result of, in large part, decades of disastrous, devastating Democrat policies -including ones put forth by President Obama – that have kept generations poor people in the poorhouse.

BTW, Bashir – who is supposedly an “anchor” at MSNBC, really isn’t much better than Jackson Lee when it comes to beliefs about Newt Gingrich. The supposedly “non-partisan” journalist weighed in here on Gingrich’s epic takedown of CNN’s John King at last night’s debate, and – unsurprisingly – believes Newt is a “hypocrite” on “poisonous rhetoric” in politics.

Of course, he would never have thought to ask Jackson Lee about her own poisonous rhetoric, would he? Heavens, no. That doesn’t fit the “established narrative” about “racist” Republicans.

Move along here, nothing to see …

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11 Responses to “Stuck On Stupid Watch: Rep. Jackson Lee says Newt using racist “code words””


  1. Carlos says:

    Forgive me if I seem to state the obvious, but who in this country still believes that blacks and Latinos constitute the majority of food stamp recipients?

    It seems to me that Jackson Lee is playing to racial divisiveness with her statement, just as much as our “post-racial” president.

    And in some big news today, it seems as though some Republican “leaders” are whining about Dear Leader using his office to campaign, at the taxpayers’ expense. Well, DUH! When did he stop campaigning? It certainly hasn’t been since he started his run for the Senate in 2004. If they wish to change the laws governing the use of office for campaigning, they might wish to start with changing the absurd laws that give incumbents about a 90% chance of re-election.

    But of course, if they did that it might mean idiots like Jackson Lee, Brown and Murray (not to mention Slo Joe and “My-Pockets-Are-Full” Dodd) wouldn’t make it past their first term.

  2. Martin Bashir lost all credibility after Michael.

  3. Phineas says:

    What a complete idiot!

    That about sums it up.

  4. Carlos says:

    And, of course, this brings up the other really big question: Do Newt and all those who understand his “code words” also have a secret handshake signifying they are part of some nefarious organization out to eliminate the black race? Like, say for instance, Planned Parenthood or something, that Jackson Lee wholeheartedly embraces and some believe her mother should have used?

  5. Glenn Bergen says:

    Here’s my perspectve on CNN and Newt last night. CNN was setting Newt up, so CNN could perform “perception management” on the debate. So, the leading question was a red herring, just to bait the trap. If Newt fell for it they (CNN)would have him the rest of the night. CNN had no intent of moderating a debate that was a “level playing field”. Newt called them out on their tactics. GOOD ON YOU, NEWT…. :)>-

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    This comes as no shock. It has gotten to the point no conservative can even separate their laundry without being called racist.

  7. Jiji says:

    Boy, this racist crap sure gets old but we are going to hear a lot more of it this year since the democraps have nothing else to say and can’t run on their dismal record.

  8. Carlos says:

    Au contraire, Jiji, that’s the record they have to run on (racism), and they will be running at 110 mph all the way.

    It’s up to us to point out, gently screaming, that that is actually what all their rhetoric is: racism. It’s why they were first founded, it’s been their battle cry since their founding and it’s the only real record they have.

  9. Duke Chesnut says:

    I would like to point out the ‘dog whistle’ of Media Bias. They go after republicans on history 40 years old. They went after Newt going back to the ’70’s. No vetting of Obama at all. Reuters tonight used code words about Newt like ‘opulant tastes’ and ‘luxury lines of credit’or ‘resigned in disgrace’ but never saying anything negative about Obama and his indiscretions or luxury vacations. The journoLIST conspiracy is still ongoing, and Newt is the man to smack them down,

  10. Drew says:

    Ms Lee can suck my big fat…………rolled up Constitution. Heh. Gotcha.

    Please Sheila j Lee?????? This woman is a cartoon.

    When the lefties pull this crappola, I say shove it right back in their faces. No apologies.