Fox News reporting Trump will endorse ROMNEY

Don’t have a link just yet, but it came through via email.

Please, please let the Trump Circus be over very soon!

3 thoughts on “Fox News reporting Trump will endorse ROMNEY

  1. Yet another reason I don’t really care about Trump. Any man who says one thing and then does another is either an idiot, or does not look at all angles before making a decision. I wouldn’t be surprised that with both Newt and Mitt on the stage, he announces that he is going to run 3rd party. That is just the way he is. But much like the delusional John Huntsman, his attempt will be pathetic and fizzle soon after. – Lorica

  2. Have to admit, seeing Jennifer Rubin and Allahpundit with mudpie in their faces is darn entertaining. They were so sure Trump would naturally endorse Newt.

    Over a man with prefectly coiffed hair, the professional pundits are turning themselves into a charicature of Donald Trump.

  3. Hey, what do you know? I was half-right. He’s not announcing his own candidacy, but Newt’s still standing there like a sucker.

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