White House: “It’s a good thing people are leaving the workforce!”

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That’s what they said.

No, really:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that the number of people dropping out of the work force, which artificially depresses the unemployment rate, can be regarded as an “economic positive.”

“A lot of that is due to younger people getting more of an education, which is an economic positive,” Carney responded when asked what would happen when people “inevitably” raise the unemployment rating with their return to the work force. He also noted that “an aging population” going into retirement has contributed to the number of people dropping out of the work force.

Head, meet wall.

If people are staying in school longer, it’s because there are fewer and fewer jobs available on graduation, so they stay in school hoping for an eventual turnaround. Oh, and many of them accumulating debt in the process. Is that an “economic positive,” Jay?

But beyond that, people are dropping out of the work force not because they’ve decided to enjoy their “golden years, but because of discouragement, because they’ve been out of work so long, they don’t think they have a good chance of finding a decent job.

Honestly, this administration shovels the you-know-what so fast, you need hip-waders reading one of their press releases.


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9 thoughts on “White House: “It’s a good thing people are leaving the workforce!”

  1. No, really! This is the best news on jobs this administration has had in over three years now. Anything that can be used to fool the bubblebrains that voted for Duh-1 the first time has to be viewed as a positive, especially when they don’t even have to resort to (much) lying about it.

    Duh-1 was born 150 years too late. He would have been a terrific snake-oil salesman. Look how many fools he got to buy into his elixir bottles of Hope and Change!

  2. I can see where he’s coming from. I think it would be good and look forward to a number of Democrats leaving the workplace.

  3. Don’t say that, Extirpates – Duh-1 will use it as an excuse to go deeper into socialism!

    And, as a side note, the strength of capitalism can be seen in the numbers in our economy for the last three years that, despite the best efforts of the socialist in the WH and the socialists that ran the entire Congress from 2006 to 2010, the country has not crumbled and still has an economic heartbeat.

    And that’s why Duh-1 wants four more years: to finish the job started by his jackass cronies in 2006 and pushed by him since 2009.

  4. I was so shocked to see the Carney statements. Are these people on something? He’s so glad people are dropping out of the workforce? Not necessarily because they found work but because they have exhausted all their options. And let’s stay in school for an extra two years.. because there aren’t any real jobs out there anyway! NEXT it will be that they are sooo glad Seniors are dying off so they don’t have to pay their Social Security and they won’t complain when their Meedicare which they’ve paid into for YEARS.. is drastically cut by 57% in 2014. Maybe that will encourage seniors to die sooner!

  5. The total pool of available jobs has shrunk over one million, and the real jobless rate has skyrocketed.

    Of course that’s cause for celebration! The jobless rate is almost down to where it was when the Boogermeister took over. More welfare, more food stamps, more homeless, but what the heck. Nothing is perfect, you know, except for Dear Leader.

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