7 thoughts on “(Video) Another reason to vote for Obama: the Chevy Volt

  1. Good comparison. One works just as well as the other for the job intended.

    Matter of fact, come to think of it, I’d vote for the Volt over the Pretender-in-Chief if that was the choice. Not that it would work any better than Obama, but at least it wouldn’t be taking multi-gazzilion dollar vacations at our expense and it doesn’t have a wife who wants to cram her own j\idea of what’s good for us down our throats (literally).

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  3. Where is the power to run electric cars going to come from? A coal or gas fired generating plant. You cannot run a car off a windmill.

  4. Actually, Drew, if it’s the Volt it probably isn’t running anyway. Exploding, maybe, and certainly being powered up, but not running…

  5. With the way these things are burning up what is the cost to insure one? I think eventually the insurance companies will be losing so much money they won’t insure them anymore. Oh, wait, Then Obama can take over the insurance companies. I see.

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