The blazing constitutional ignorance of Markos Moulitsas, aka “Kos”

Posted by: Phineas on March 7, 2012 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Last night I was following the Super Tuesday election returns on Twitter, kind of bored, when something amazing happened: Markos Moulitsas, the “Kos” of the progressive Daily Kos web site, decided to lecture conservatives on the Constitution and the derivation of our rights.

As you can imagine, the results were hilarious in their historical illiteracy. The man truly has no concept of the origin of rights under Natural Law, or the differences and relation between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In other words, he was the quintessential progressive.

Do yourself a favor and go read my friend Jimmie’s post deconstructing and lampooning Moulitsas in a way that should have Kos crawling under a rock in embarrassment… if he had any shame at all. He does it far better than I could and, rather than repeat what he wrote, I’ll just point you to it.


PS: Oh, and Markos? If you want, I can recommend some basic US History and Government texts for you. You seem to be in a bit of need, pal…

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11 Responses to “The blazing constitutional ignorance of Markos Moulitsas, aka “Kos””


  1. Babs says:

    :)I visit the Kos daily. At this present time the whole site is raving about the Slut word. It’s funny to read how they are faking how upset they are.
    Markos reported all night on the primary and I couldn’t find one item on Dennis Kucinich losing his bid for re election.

  2. EBL says:

    Markos should seriously read Ameritopia. He won’t of course. But he should.

    Levin does a very good job of laying out various failed uptopian ideals through history, the very different roots and authorities the founders relied upon, and how that resulted in our Declaration of Independence and later our Constitution.

    I wish it was taught in high schools. It has a lot of information, but Mark’s writing style makes the subject mater clear and easily absorbed.

  3. Tex says:

    Too bad Kos didn’t go to a quality university like I did (University of Houston, class 1980). Because if he had he would have received a well rounded eduction, particularly in political science.

    One of the required readings in political science there was John Locke’s “Second Treatise on Government”, published in the late 1600s. This is considered THE KEY publication that influenced most of the Founding Fathers, who were very familiar with John Locke’s writings.

    John Locke argued that humans are BORN with full rights (freedom, pursuit of happiness, etc). He wrote:

    “To properly understand political power and trace its origins, we must consider the state that all people are in naturally. That is a state of perfect freedom of acting and disposing of their own possessions and persons as they think fit within the bounds of the law of nature. People in this state do not have to ask permission to act or depend on the will of others to arrange matters on their behalf.”

    He further argued that government’s ONLY role was to protect private property.

    Therefore, because our Founding Fathers believed we were already born with our full rights, they viewed government ONLY as a means to protect those rights we were born with, not as a source of those rights.

    Unread wannabe intellectuals such as Kos, his fellow Liberals, Obama, and Democrats wrongly believe in the total opposite – that governments ARE the source of all rights and can decide which ones to give and which ones to remove from individuals.

  4. Brontefan says:

    As an Adult Instructor, it is amazing to me that they don’t teach US history in public schools.. or the Constitution or the Electoral College, etc. And when I was faced with designing a class.. it shocked me no end to see what was available for US History textbooks. I found numerous omissions, slanted interpretations, indoctrination, propaganda, and out-right LIES. Having lived through most of it.. myself, I was unable to pretend I didn’t know the truth. There are still books that include Senator Joseph McCarthy as a witch hunter on HUAC. I gasped! McCarthy was never in the House and never sat on the panel. And the release of the Venona Papers, thanks to Patrick Moynahan, proves that McCarthy was right. Hiss, the Rosenburgs, etc. were all Soviet spies. Little did they know.. if they waited 50 years, the Marxists could take over the Democratic Party. I’m actually shocked that they aren’t teaching the South African Constitution since Ginsburg prefers it!

  5. ST says:

    LMAO – too funny, Phineas! =))

  6. 5ftflirt says:

    Hillsdale College has a great online course on the Constitution, and the first few videos are up for anyone to see. They are great primers. maybe someone can tweet the URL to Markos.

    It starts here

    and the rest are in the righthand column on the YouTube page.

  7. Carlos says:

    Moulitsas believes the Constitution is the fount of all rights because it says so – right there in his interpretation.

    Never mind that is not addressed in the Constitution itself. What matters is that Kos’ intentions are pure as the wind-driven snow so he has to be technically correct, if not correct in fact. That’s also a right bestowed to him by the Constitution, to be right even when he’s wrong because it says so right there in the Constitution, somewhere.

    What a maroon. I used to read him just to keep up with rampaging idiocy and creeping insanity. I haven’t visited his site, even for laughs, for some time now.

  8. Drew the Infidel says:

    Who the hell is Markos Moulitsas?

  9. Bill says:

    Progressives, bringing stupid to new heights.

  10. Carlos says:

    He is, to put it very bluntly, an absolute nothing that happens to be very capable of making a lot of irritating noise simply by existing.

    He runs an extremist statist rant blog that allows a voice to any leftist nutburger that doesn’t violate their “all-inclusiveness” rules.

  11. Heh, what a fool.
    You know, there is a free constitutional course going on right now online, Markos!