Is it just me, or are Global-Warming cultists kind of scary?

Posted by: Phineas on March 19, 2012 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

They laughed at me in Vienna, the fools!!

You see, to save the Earth and propitiate Gaea, we must re-engineer humanity itself!

Your paper also discusses the use of human engineering to make humans smaller. Why would this be a powerful technique in the fight against climate change?

Liao (1): Well one of the things that we noticed is that human ecological footprints are partly correlated with size. Each kilogram of body mass requires a certain amount of food and nutrients and so, other things being equal, the larger person is the more food and energy they are going to soak up over the course of a lifetime. There are also other, less obvious ways in which larger people consume more energy than smaller people—for example a car uses more fuel per mile to carry a heavier person, more fabric is needed to clothe larger people, and heavier people wear out shoes, carpets and furniture at a quicker rate than lighter people, and so on.

And so size reduction could be one way to reduce a person’s ecological footprint. For instance if you reduce the average U.S. height by just 15cm, you could reduce body mass by 21% for men and 25% for women, with a corresponding reduction in metabolic rates by some 15% to 18%, because less tissue means lower energy and nutrient needs.

Yes, to fight dangerous man-caused climate change (a problem that does not exist), we must all become Keebler Elves.

And that ain’t all, folks! Mr. Liao also discusses creating medicines to make us allergic to red meat, so we won’t… “produce as much methane.”

It’s to save the Earth, you see. And, naturally, this will require world government! Lead, of course, by our intellectual betters, who will still get to fly around to conferences in big CO2-belching jets.

Just lie back and think of Gaea. It will all be over, soon.

via WUWT, where you can read other jaw-dropping highlights.

(1) Dr. Liao is a professor of Philosophy and Bioethics at New York University. Β If that rings a bell, it’s because we’ve encountered bioethicists before. I’m beginning to think their use of the word “ethics” is particularly Orwellian.

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7 Responses to “Is it just me, or are Global-Warming cultists kind of scary?”


  1. Tim Barnes says:

    I guess being a Hobbit wouldn’t be bad-I like beer. But I have tender feet.

  2. alanstorm says:

    Paging Procrustes, bed for 1…

  3. Carlos says:

    Why doesn’t this idiot start the trend that is growing in intellectual circles and volunteer for self-elimination, thereby reducing the world population by one. Then all his pseudo-science buddies can also volunteer, further reducing the world population by another twenty or thirty thousand. Then all the Gaea worshippers (including all envirowhackos both here and throughout the world) can volunteer, so there’s another few million.

    Pretty soon you’ll be talking some almost-measurable impact on the “carbon footprint” (whatever that really means) of mankind on the real world. Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. Mitch says:

    If there is anything I hate in this world more than Liberals, it is College Perfessors, (spelling intentional). Liberals may have destroyed America, but College Perfessers were the main instrument in accomplishing their goal. Communism 101. How do you take over a country? Educate the children. You can forget about the Old Farts. They aren’t going to take the bait, because like me, they know what you are up to. Ignore them. Concentrate on the children. Start with Kindergarten. Get control of their young minds before their parents know what you are doing. As they move through the primary grades, they will encounter the teachers who have already taken the Progressive pill. By the time they get to High School, the war is over. Obama, or someone like him, owns them. College or University? Forget about it. By the time you reach the higher levels of Education in our beloved country, you are either a flaming Liberal, or your parents did a supreme job of raising you. I just gave you a picture of Life in America, the way it exists right now.
    Some of us still cling to our ideals. Some of us still believe in our Constitution. Sadly, some of us still cling to an America that used to be, before we became a Communist Nation, at the hands of degenerate Muslims like Obama and Holder, and Idiots like Reid and Pelosi. Did I miss anything? Did I leave anyone out? I hope not. Because if we are able to turn this thing around, by the Hand of God, I want all these people to suffer for what they tried to do to our country. I want them to suffer greatly. I want to be there ringside and see them burning in the fire. Please forgive me, but I love this country and I truly believe enemies should be treated as enemies. I intend to do just that, if only God will give me the strength.

  5. Foxx says:

    Anyone know when the zombie apocalypse starts (no, not the OWS idiots) I really something else to focus my mind on other than this crap, again.

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    If nothing else this represents a new form of discrimination now that all the old standbys have been largely discarded.

  7. Tom TB says:

    The main thing that distinguishes Human beings from ALL other creatures is precisely what these meddlers want to control; our ability to start a fire, create our own environment, and feed plants with the carbon dioxide. According to the Ancient Greeks, Prometheus took fire from the Gods and gave it to Mankind; maybe some of these folks THINK they are Gods, and want it back!