RNC Strikes Back: Real #WarOnWomen waged by Obama admin (VIDEO)

Posted by: ST on March 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm

After several weeks of demagogic badgering by opportunistic liberal politicos and their equally shameless “feminist” allies like NOW, Planned Parenthood, and the like, the RNC strikes back this week with a minute and a half Internet ad which focuses attention on the double standards of this administration and its supporters on the manufactured “War On Women” non-issue (via Phineas):

It focuses on their Bill Maher duplicity, as well as the reports that came out in September last year about the Ron Suskind book on the administration that included tantalizing tidbits on information from WH insiders (both former and current) on how the WH has supposedly been “hostile to women” – especially in the early days.

It’s an effective ad, but it’d be nice if they could whittle it down to 60 seconds and run it on TV in the same states where “war on women” lies & propaganda appear to be taking root the most. What would be even better? An ad specifically focusing on the real issue at hand, which is this administration’s war on freedom of religious expression.

The She PAC video, which absolutely and repeatedly nailed ObamaCo. on their “New Tone” duplicity, was much better than the RNC’s (IMO), but points to the RNC nevertheless for finally mounting a counter-offensive to the lies coming out of the mouths of not only Obama himself but officials within his administration, “feminist” politicos like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the NOW sell-outs.

I just hope it’s not too late.

Related: Michelle Obama makes an appearance on a late night TV talk show tonight. Which show, you might ask? David Letterman’s. Yeah, this David Letterman.

What would Sasha and Malia think? /sarcasm

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5 Responses to “RNC Strikes Back: Real #WarOnWomen waged by Obama admin (VIDEO)”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    The Republican “war on women” is a fabrication on the same order as global warming and Sasquatch.

  2. Carlos says:

    I’m just real sure this video is going to be so very effective – after all, almost every voter in the United States will see it in the next 24 – 48 hours. Right?

    It’s good, but if they want it to be seen by more than 50 people they’d better take ST’s advice and whittle it down to fit on TV. You know that’s where everyone without active brain cells gets their information. To them, if it doesn’t appear on the tube, it doesn’t exist. And to some of them, if it appears on anything besides FNC it HAS to be real.

  3. Neo says:

    This flier came in from the DNC yesterday …

    Under America’s New Health Care Law, Insurance Companies Now Must Cover A Variety of Screenings and Preventive Care — for FREE

    America’s New Health Care Law Covers YOUR Preventive Care, Wellness Visits And Many Screenings for FREE

    The best way for you to beat cancer is to prevent it — but too many women skip their screenings because they can’t afford the cost.

    Now America’s New Health Care Law requires insurance companies to provide numerous screens and preventive care with no co-pays for women like us.

    Hey, it’s FREE .. who knew ?

  4. Carlos says:

    Yeah, it’s free – just like those school breakfasts are “free.” Or all those “free” pamphlets touting the greatness of this agency or that program.

    Why is it that when the guvmint touts “free,” I know it’s gonna cost more than an ex-wife?