For those in need of comic relief, Joe Biden saves the day …. again (VIDEO)

If you’re just as frustrated with the GOP campaign for president so far – the latest annoyance being a top Romney adviser suggesting his boss man’s platform would be reset “almost like an Etch A Sketch” during the general election, provided he wins the primary battles – Vice President Joe Biden comes to the rescue with some much-needed comic relief:

On Tuesday, the White House held a reception for visiting Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at the event, relayed some old Irish wisdom.

“You know there’s an old Irish saying, there’s all kinds of old Irish sayings. My grandfather Finnegan, I think he made them up. But uh, it says, may the hinges of our friendship never go rusty. Well, with these two folks that you’re about to meet if you haven’t already, there’s no doubt about them staying oiled and lubricated here,” said Biden. After this comment, the audience erupted in laughter, and the VP smirked as he realized the trap he had just set for himself.

Biden followed up with some playful humor. “Now for you who are not full Irish in this room, lubricated has a different meaning for us all,” he joked to the sound of more laughs.

Video below:

You know what, between this FUBAR administration and the headed-into-the-crapper GOP campaign season, I may very well be driven to drink.  Any recommendations? Something Irish, perhaps? o=>

Why isn’t this man running for President?

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Another bit of evidence for the argument that our A-list candidates stayed out of the nominating race this year, leaving us to field the reserves. In this video, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) makes the case for the budget offered by House Republicans yesterday. Here’s a link to the “trailer video,” which is worth watching, but, in this video, Ryan gets to the meat of the problem: we have a choice between growth or stagnation, rise or decline, and liberty or dependence.

Ryan explained his plan in more detail in the Wall St. Journal. You can read generally favorable analysis of it from Dan Mitchell, and a typical liberal hack job by Ezra “the Constitution’s too old to understand” Klein at the Washington Post. Still, I have to ask…

Second look at a brokered convention?

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