For those in need of comic relief, Joe Biden saves the day …. again (VIDEO)

Posted by: ST on March 21, 2012 at 6:20 pm

If you’re just as frustrated with the GOP campaign for president so far – the latest annoyance being a top Romney adviser suggesting his boss man’s platform would be reset “almost like an Etch A Sketch” during the general election, provided he wins the primary battles – Vice President Joe Biden comes to the rescue with some much-needed comic relief:

On Tuesday, the White House held a reception for visiting Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at the event, relayed some old Irish wisdom.

“You know there’s an old Irish saying, there’s all kinds of old Irish sayings. My grandfather Finnegan, I think he made them up. But uh, it says, may the hinges of our friendship never go rusty. Well, with these two folks that you’re about to meet if you haven’t already, there’s no doubt about them staying oiled and lubricated here,” said Biden. After this comment, the audience erupted in laughter, and the VP smirked as he realized the trap he had just set for himself.

Biden followed up with some playful humor. “Now for you who are not full Irish in this room, lubricated has a different meaning for us all,” he joked to the sound of more laughs.

Video below:

You know what, between this FUBAR administration and the headed-into-the-crapper GOP campaign season, I may very well be driven to drink.  Any recommendations? Something Irish, perhaps? o=>

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7 Responses to “For those in need of comic relief, Joe Biden saves the day …. again (VIDEO)”


  1. Auntie_Maim says:


  2. Phineas says:

    Black Bush is a good Irish. And if you can’t find that, there’s always #MartiniTime. :d

  3. Carlos says:

    Ya know, Slo Joe always speaks before his mind is in gear.

    Mostly because the transmission in his mind went out sometime before he got caught plagiarizing in college.

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    How about an old “Chinese” proverb? Keep mouth shut, make people think wise. Open mouth, relieve all doubt.

  5. Tom TB says:

    Ah, the legend of the gift of blarney; I suspect that Joe O’Biden kissed the wrong stone! ST, surely there’s a Pub in Charlotte that has Guinness on draught?

  6. Kate says:

    Reading some of the comments at the HuffPoo….they like him and make all kinds of comments like, isn’t he so refreshing? Ha Ha, so funny. They don’t seem to realize God Forbid if something were to happen to Obama this guy will be in charge.

    But,it was one of the funniest things….trying too hard to please the masses and impress the visitors from Ireland.

  7. Taxpayer says:

    Sambuca, straight up. No beans. That’ll help you forget Biden is Irish.