A Kinsleyan gaffe is where a politician accidentally tells the truth

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And Joe Biden, bless his heart, just did it again. He admits the administration’s goal is a global minimum tax.

Now why would the Obama administration want this? Simple. With a minimum tax, revenue-greedy governments would not have to fear tax competition from jurisdictions with lower rates, thus eliminating any pressure for them to control wasteful spending and lower rates to attract businesses and the jobs they create, nor would they have to fear businesses skedaddling for more favorable climes.

You can see how this would be much more appealing to progressive statists than the alternative: lowering rates and giving up the control they give to government officials.

Interestingly, while the administration had rejected the idea of a global taxing power (Why give anyone else a cut of the loot?), Biden’s statement seems to say they’d be open to something along the lines of the OECD’s proposal for “tax harmonization,” essentially a “tax cartel” that fixes the market at the expense of private companies and individuals.

Good thing Joe is here to make sure we know the truth.

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#Trayvon fallout: If “racial profiling” is so wrong, why do liberals tolerate @RevJJackson?

Rev. Jackson in 1993:

“There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

He’s the most prominent black “leader” to engage in racial profiling, but he’s not the only one. Columnist Walter Williams wrote yesterday:

Twelve years ago, a black Washington, D.C., commissioner warned cabbies, most of whom were black, against picking up dangerous-looking passengers. She described “dangerous-looking” as a “young black guy … with shirttail hanging down longer than his coat, baggy pants, unlaced tennis shoes.” She also warned cabbies to stay away from low-income black neighborhoods. Did that make the D.C. commissioner a racist?

n some cities, such as St. Louis, black pizza deliverers have complained about having to deliver pizzas to certain black neighborhoods, including neighborhoods in which they live. Are they racists?


The former Charleston, S.C., black chief of police, Reuben Greenberg, said the problem facing black America is not racial profiling. He said, “The greatest problem in the black community is the tolerance for high levels of criminality.” Former Los Angeles black police Chief Bernard Parks, defending racial profiling, said: “It’s not the fault of the police when they stop minority males or put them in jail. It’s the fault of the minority males for committing the crime. In my mind, it is not a great revelation that if officers are looking for criminal activity, they’re going to look at the kind of people who are listed on crime reports.” Are former police Chiefs Greenberg and Parks racist?

Fast forward to today, where The Race Hustlers of America (TM) are engaged inciting a public lynching of George Zimmerman in part because they say he “racially profiled” Trayvon Martin.  Well, I suspect he “profiled” Martin more than “racially profiled” – considering the crime wave that had hit the Sanford neighborhood he lived in to the degree the neighborhood started a watch program last September:

Conversations with several residents, however, suggest that Zimmerman’s calls reflect a wider feeling of concern and distrust in the community. For years, Twin Lakes residents had been on edge—demonstrated by their decision last September to start a neighborhood-watch organization, which was initiated by Zimmerman himself. The burglary of Olivia Bertalan’s home was just one of at least eight reported over the previous 14 months—several of which, neighbors said, involved young black men. On Feb. 26, the odds were stacked against Martin: he was a young black man in a neighborhood that was feeling besieged by crime and blaming it—fairly or not—on people who looked like him.

Three weeks before Martin’s death another Twin Lakes resident arrived home to discover a kitchen window open and a laptop and gold necklaces missing. Two witnesses said they saw a young black man standing nearby, but they did not see the man break into the home, according to a police report. One witness said he believed it was the same man who had stolen his bike. The next day officers responding to a call confronted three black men and one white man on bikes near the neighborhood. The same witnesses identified one of the men as the same man they saw near the burglarized home. The officers found the laptop in the man’s backpack.


Last July a rental car was stolen from one townhome along with the car keys, which were inside on a dining room table. The resident awoke in the morning to discover her sliding glass door open. The car was eventually found abandoned. In August a PlayStation and videogames were stolen from another townhome. In September someone vandalized a townhome under construction. In December someone broke into a foreclosed townhome, stopped up a toilet and started the water running. According to a police report, the water flooded the bedroom and caused drywall in the garage to collapse.

During the months before he shot Martin, Zimmerman called police about once a month, said Kim Cannaday, spokeswoman for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. He called about suspicious-looking people in the neighborhood, many whom, like Martin, he identified as black. Zimmerman also called to report a neighbor’s garage door open and children playing in the street, asking that he remain anonymous so as not to offend other neighbors.

There have been 8 burglaries and 3 simple assaults reported in the neighborhood since January.  But yet liberals and their race hustler pals would have you believe that George Zimmerman had none of that in mind when he called 911 to report someone who he thought was suspicious walking around in the neighborhood at night.

The renewed debate on profiling in general, with a heavy emphasis on the “racial” component, has opportunistic liberals using the unfortunate killing of a teenager to stridently argue against profiling on the basis that people “stereotype” people who are different from them and target them on that basis and nothing else (whereas in the case of Zimmerman, the motivation to call 911 – in my view – stemmed from concern over the increase in crime in the neighborhood).  While it’s true that people do stereotype – and black citizens in this country do that just as much as anyone else – there is a clear difference in “stereotyping” than “profiling.”

For example, my neighborhood is mostly quiet but has had issues with suspicious youths being spotted behind town-homes, appearing to “case” the homes – a fact pointed out in HOA emails/newsletters.  I reported activity behind the building in front of mine after seeing a group of males, some white, some Hispanic, some black appear to be canvassing townhome units late one afternoon.  There was no reason for them to be behind those units, certainly not looking onto people’s back porches.  I called the cops.

In another incident, it was after dark and I had come  home, went upstairs to the bedroom to get ready to change clothes and get comfortable for the night – as I prepared to close my bedroom blinds, I noticed a suspicious figure (in a hoodie, I should note) literally sitting behind my house about 15 feet away from the back door.  I could see the back area because I keep my back porch lights on at night, as the HOA has advised us to do so we can spot activity if we’re paying attention. Shortly after I saw him, another person came out from behind the bushes of my neighbor’s house and joined him.  My neighbor doesn’t keep her back porch light on so all I saw of him was that he was wearing what appeared to be a gray or white Tshirt and dark pants.  There was no reason for them to be back there.  I live in the back of the development. It is a dead end.  Neither of these two “gentleman” lived in this building.  One of them spotted me looking out the window and afterwards they both walked away towards a nearby creek.  I called the police.

There was another time I called the police but I honestly can’t remember what it was about.  Maybe a noise issue the first year I lived here.

For the record, liberals who are keeping count, that is THREE TIMES I have called the police in the 6 years I have lived here.  That averages half a call a  year. Sue me. RAAAAAACISM. Or something.  Whatever.

And yet there are other times young men of all colors have walked around in this neighborhood and I did not feel remotely compelled to call 911.   It’s called “gut instinct.” Sometimes it’s right. Sometimes it is not.  But it is crucial to your well being.

This is what is referred to as “erring on the side of caution.” The difference between what I’ve done and what George Zimmerman did the night of February 26th was he got out on foot to find where Trayvon Martin went – and in my opinion he did so not to confront, but to keep track of him so he could tell the police where Trayvon was when they (the police) got there (Zimmerman giving 911 detailed info about the neighborhood and asking them to have police call HIM when they arrived in the neighborhood is what drives me to think that).  When you have issues with suspicious activity and crime in your neighborhood, you are a little more aware of what’s going on and when something seems off you do what any HUMAN BEING would do and call 911.

Keep in mind that liberals aren’t just spinning their tops over the fact that George Zimmerman isn’t behind bars, they think it’s wrong – period FULL STOP – that he even called 911 in the first place.  “Trayvon Martin was racially profiled and then murdered and all he was armed with was bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea!!” they’ll yell. Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? Had Trayvon Martin been in the act of breaking into a home and George Zimmerman been able to tell police exactly where Martin was, that neighborhood would be hailing Zimmerman as a hero and there would be NO discussion of whether or not he “racially profiled” Trayvon Martin.

We’ll never know if Trayvon Martin really was “acting like he was on drugs” the night he was killed.  According to George Zimmerman’s 911 call, Martin was.  Zimmerman also said it looked like Martin was “looking into homes.” We’ll never know if that’s true, either.  But consider this: In all the times Zimmerman called 911 to report suspicious activity (re: persons of all “races”), he had plenty of opportunities to get out and mow someone down if that’s the kind of person he was (which is what liberals, race hustlers, the national mainstream media, and the Martin family attorneys want you to think).  With that in mind, why “murder Trayvon in cold blood”, as he has been accused? Someone with an itchy of a trigger finger (something else The Usual Suspects want you to believe about George Zimmerman) would have struck way before last month – in my opinion.

It should also be noted that the night Trayvon Martin was killed, it was dark and when asked on the 911 call as to the race of the “suspicious person”, Zimmerman wasn’t sure – he said something to the effect of “I think he’s black.” He didn’t confirm he was black until Martin allegedly walked towards his SUV.

And just think, had Zimmerman also been black, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now, which is another tragedy in all this.  Black on black violence in America is epidemic, in contrast to “hate crimes” (something ELSE George Zimmerman has been accused of), and that should be where the national discussion is focused – but the only people allowed to discuss it without being called “racists” are the very race pimps (Jackson, Sharpton, numerous black liberal politicos) who keep the violence going by pointing fingers in the wrong directions as to what the real problems are (let’s start with single parent families, for starters). It’s a vicious cycle, and one that won’t be reversed until the voices of people who REALLY care about the issues facing black youths drown out the Sharptons and Jacksons of this world, people who – in concert with pandering liberal politicos across America –  have done far more damage to the black community in the last 50+ years than the “racists/Uncle Toms” they routinely shift the blame onto.

Governor Nikki Haley facing indictment?

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There’s some disturbing news out of South Carolina today: rumors that Governor Nikki Haley, considered a rising star in the Republican Party and a possible vice-presidential nominee, may be facing indictment for tax fraud charges:

A highly ranked federal official has also privately confirmed rumblings of an investigation and possible indictment of the governor, though the official was not aware of the specific timeframe.

Yesterday, Palmetto Public Record exclusively reported that the Internal Revenue Service has been investigating since March of 2011 the Sikh worship center run by Gov. Haley’s father. At least five lawsuits have been filed against the Sikh Society of South Carolina since 2010, alleging that the group bilked contractors out of nearly $130,000 for the construction of a new temple.

The article also points out that Haley was the bookkeeper for the temple until sometime in 2003, and the investigation is centering on what happened to the money she was supposed to be tracking.

I have no comment on the case, itself; after all, we know almost no facts. The Palmetto Public Record promises a more detailed investigative article later.

But, the potential politics of this are very interesting and, well, some could easily “question the timing.”

Look at the background: Haley came out of nowhere as an obscure state representative whose main issue was government transparency to win first the Republican nomination and then the general election in 2010. She had won the endorsements of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, the latter of which provided a rocket-like boost to her campaign. She was also the victim of a savage smear campaign (accusations of an affair, among other things) by her Republican rivals that garnered her great sympathy around the country. (In fact, the antics of some factions of the SC Republican Party had the rest of the nation asking “What’s wrong with you people?”)

Since her election, Haley’s star within South Carolina seems to have dimmed somewhat, (1) and I know some conservatives nationally were letdown by her endorsement of Mitt Romney. But, still, she remains a popular figure with many and is thought of as a possible running-mate for Governor Romney.

And here’s where my cynicism-alarm starts going off.

MSM propaganda and the advantages of incumbency aside, Barack Obama has a tough road to reelection. And he does have a history of using “hardball means” to knock opponents out of contention. Ask all those he got disqualified from the ballot during his state senate run in Illinois, including his mentor, Alice Palmer. And ask yourself (or maybe David Axelrod) how Jack Ryan’s supposedly sealed divorce records got released during the 2004 US senate race, derailing his campaign and leaving Obama to face… Alan Keyes.

If that’s dismissible as ancient history, consider recent years in which Obama allies have gone after his vocal opponents: the campaign in Alaska against Sarah Palin in 2009, then thought to be his likely rival in 2012, leading her to resign the governor’s office (I’m sure this had at least moral support from Camp Obama); the recent coordinated-by-MMFA campaign to silence Rush Limbaugh (with Palin (again) and Sean Hannity in the crosshairs); or the on-and-off White House war on FOX News in general.

“But that’s different,” you say. “Those all were just dirty politics; this is a possible criminal matter.” Well, it’s not as if presidents haven’t abused the powers of the IRS in the past, and Obama has brought the subject up before

So, doesn’t it seem just a bit convenient that, just as Romney starts to look like he really is going to be the nominee, one of his likely VP picks suddenly faces potential legal troubles? Possibly take a card out of his deck (2), maybe even stain him a bit with her troubles? Keep in mind, Obama earned his chops in the fetid swamp of Illinois politics, the state which Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin called the “Land of Coincidence.” (See also)

Well, maybe there really is a case against Governor Haley. Maybe she was doing something hinky with the books and should be prosecuted. Maybe I should be wearing a tinfoil hat. Maybe this is all another in a long line of Obama-related coincidences.

Maybe. But I question the timing.

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(1)  While I don’t follow the state’s politics much, I’ve had the impression some who supported her are disappointed. Can any SCans reading this confirm or deny this?
(2) I mean, would you want Biden debating someone as telegenic and, well, intelligent as Haley?

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Teachable Moment: @RepBobbyRush, other legislators, wear #Trayvon hoodies

No, this isn’t a nightmare. It’s reality – and it happened this morning (via):

On the floor of the House this morning, Rep. Bobby Rush’s effort to call attention to the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin turned into a contest of wills between the Illinois Democrat and the presiding officer because Rush donned a hoodie while speaking.

It’s against the rules to wear hats in the chamber when the House is in session. But Rush slipped a hood over his head in an symbolic act of solidarity with Martin’s family and supporters, who say the 17-year-old African-American was the victim of racial profiling by a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot him on Feb. 26.


The scene today on the House floor, which you also can see thanks to this clip at C-SPAN.org:

As Rush began to speak to the House, he removed a suit jacket to reveal that underneath he was wearing a hooded jacket.

“Racial profiling has to stop,” he said. “Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.” It was then that Rush pulled the hood over his head and Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., who was in the presiding chair, tried to stop him.

Bang, bang, bang went the gavel. “The member will suspend!” Harper said several times.

Meanwhile, Rush turned to quotes from the Bible. It teaches us, he said in a rising voice, “to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

“The spirit of the Lord is upon because he has anointed me to proclaim the good news!” Rush continued.

Then, as he said “may God bless Trayvon Martin’s soul, his family,” Harper declared that Rush was no longer recognized and the lawmaker’s microphone went off. Harper then reminded lawmakers of the rule about hats.

He was then escorted off the House floor by a rep. from the Sergeant at Arms office.

Though Rep. Rush is the most prominent elected official to date who has worn a hoodie to “the office” while trying to conduct official business, sadly he’s not the only one.  From WHDH – Boston:

BOSTON (WHDH) — Local lawmakers have joined the calls for justice, wearing hoodies similar to Trayvon Martin’s.

From Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill, lawmakers are showing up to work wearing hoodies to show solidarity with supporters of Trayvon Martin.

The African American teenager was shot to death in Florida last month by George Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman, who claims self defense.

Zimmerman hasn’t been charged with anything by police, touching off a national outcry over racial profiling.

State Representative Cheryl Coakley-Rivera of Springfield said about a dozen of her colleagues wore hoodies on Wednesday.

“I called for Reps. to join me with a hoodie on, obviously to call for justice for Trayvon and his family, and to bring awareness to racial stereotyping that caused Trayvon to be murdered,” State Rep. Coakley-Rivera said.

And in New York state:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Six New York state senators wore “hoodies” in the staid, 235-year-old Capitol chamber to express their outrage at the deadly shooting of a black youth in Florida that they blame on public attitudes born in New York City.

The Democrats from the city, four of them black and two white, wore their gray and blue suit jackets over their hoodies, remaining in conformance with the Senate rules in the 62-seat chamber. There was no comment from the Republican majority.

“It was born here in New York City and now it has cascaded all the way down to the southern coast of Florida,” said Sen. Eric Adams, a Democrat and former sergeant with the New York City Police Department. “The stop-and-frisk policy gave birth not only to police officers believing that a person of color is automatically a criminal, now it has grown into the civilian patrol units.”

There are photos of the various legislators in their hoodies at all the links listed above.

The most troubling hoodie photo I’ve seen today, however, comes not from state legislatures and the US House but instead what I presume is a school classroom.  It was Tweeted earlier today, and the vague description was “The 2nd graders tribute to #trayvon … Hoodies, Ice tea, skittles.”

2nd graders wear hoodies, hold up Skittles & iced tea in 'celebration' of the life of Trayvon Martin.

I don’t know the name of the school. Frankly, I don’t want to know. My disgust at this happening caught the attention of popular liberal “blogger” tbogg, who responded:

Such New Tone-y goodness …

Anyway, regarding Rep. Rush and the other liberal elected officials/nitwits currently tapdancing on the grave of a dead Florida teenager for shameless political gain, these episodes are what I would call a “teachable moment” for America. Instead of calling for cooler heads to prevail, and demanding/initiating civil but spirited discussion about the REAL crime epidemic in America – black on black violence – some elected officials that may represent you and/or I decided instead to engage in childish grandstanding and stunt playing all under the pretense of doing “the business of the people.” And just think, Rep. Rush, a former Black Panther himself, could have used the opportunity on the floor of the US House to loudly denounce and condemn the actions of the New Black Panthers, who have put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head.

But no. I almost forgot that candid debates about crime and race in America (including “racial profiling”), where we could work together to find real, lasting solutions that would benefit ALL races, isn’t what this is about, anyway. My bad. 8-|

Update – 8:29 PM: St. Paul council members wear hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin

Attention! The US Economy closes for business in 2027! Please make your final selections…

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In this latest installment of Firewall, Bill Whittle highlights an amazing exchange between Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the tax-cheating nitwit who runs our Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner. In it, Ryan points out that spiraling debt means the US economy according to the administration’s own numbers will cease to operate around 2027. Geithner agrees — and then admits there is no plan to deal with the problem:


Scary, isn’t it? And infuriating; the administration knows full-well that its policies will lead to a Greece-like fiscal meltdown, and yet they act as unconcerned as the grasshopper in the face of approaching winter.

Except in this case, the Democratic grasshoppers are endangering all our futures, not just their own.

As Whittle points out (and expounds on at greater length in this video. Do watch.), the problem is entitlement spending. We have enough revenue to pay for all the functions of government from the military to the post office, but the burgeoning costs of entitlements are forcing us to spend more and more and borrow more and more. At this time, we borrow just over forty cents of every dollar the federal government spends. That money has to be paid back with interest, and that interest will go up as our credit gets further downgraded. (Which, on the current path, is almost inevitable.) And that’s just what we’re borrowing now; as time goes on and entitlement spending increases thanks to an aging population and the costs of ObamaCare, there will be a need to borrow even greater amounts as a percentage of total spending, until one day our creditors wake up and realize we’ll never be able to meet our payments, and so stop lending us any more.

At which point the entitlement system collapses, our economy shuts down, and we come to the end of that downward spiral only to find ourselves not in a paradise of Unicorns and lollipops, but on the burning streets of Athens.

Forget 2012. Think 2027.

Now, if I were a cynic, I’d say that’s the plan in the back of the progressives’ minds: “reforms” that only seem to solve the problem, but actually set up greater crises that will eventually have the public demanding “progressive” solutions — greater government intervention and direction of the economy, with higher taxes to pay for it all. It’s Marxist philosopher Andre Gorz‘s concept of “non-reformist reforms.”

But… nah. I couldn’t be that much of a cynic, could I?

Yes. I. can.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. While Whittle is, by his own description, running around with his hair on fire screaming warnings (and justly so), we have choices. Republicans have proposed three alternative budgets in recent weeks, any one of which will solve our entitlement crisis, restrain spending (the root of the problem), and emphasize pro-growth policies that will allow us to eventually balance the budget, pay off our debts, and prosper.

But, let’s be honest. That will only happen if We The People do what it takes this November to make it happen: defeat Barack Obama, take the Senate, and hold the House. The Democrats must be crushed. (1)

Otherwise 2012 may be the final bell before 2027.

RELATED: If you want to see “non-reformist reformism” in action, have a look at Steven Den Beste’s essay on Obama’s preferred outcome in the ObamaCare case now before the Supreme Court.


(1) In a peaceful, electoral manner, of course. Just in case some Lefty was about to start hyperventilating about “violent rhetoric.” They’re so excitable.

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