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April 2, 2012

Evidence: Video fail not the first time @ABC, MSM have shown #Trayvon case bias

For the last week or so I have been blogging about and Tweeting about the blatant bias on display by the national mainstream media in regards to their reporting on the Trayvon Martin case, bias that has had a clear and direct impact on public perceptions about both Martin and his admitted shooter George Zimmerman.  Most notably was their description of George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic”, and their bias in the pictures they used to introduce Martin and Zimmerman to the American public: Martin as a baby faced 12/13 year old “kid” vs. a heavy looking Zimmerman in a mug shot from an arrest 6 years ago, an issue even discussed by the AP – even though they don’t acknowledge the bias.    The reality was much different: Trayvon was a 17 y/o teenager & former football player with a slim build who sometimes wore gold “grills” for teeth like you see many rappers do, and Zimmerman is a businessman in his late 20s, and – according to police reports – weighed only about 10 more lbs than Martin......   [Read More]