#WarOnWomen: Nothing says “respect me for my mind” better than a crocheted uterus!

Sigh. You just cannot make this stuff up (via @GayPatriot):

DALLAS — Inside Kimberlyn Crowe’s Oak Cliff home, knitting has always been quiet therapy. Suddenly, it’s become a way to make some noise.

“Words don’t do any good because it’s all been said,” she declared. So she let the yarn became her words and her hobby become her voice.

“The statement is: ‘Get your hands off my uterus!'” Crowe said with a laugh.

She began knitting uteruses last week. On Sunday, she joined a group of North Texas knitters inside a Garland home.

They knitted, crocheted, and sewed dozens of uteruses. They will send them to Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other select lawmakers in Austin and Washington who, they believe, have cast votes cutting funding to women’s health care and limiting access to birth control.

Crowe is keen to send lawmakers a message. “Here’s your own uterus; now keep your hands off mine,” she said.


The uterus-knitting project is happening nationwide. Crowe says some politicians who have voted in ways they support will receive uteruses, too, with a note saying “Thanks.”

The hand-made uteruses will be hand-delivered to Gov. Perry’s office during a march in Austin in late April.

“You know, one could hope the heavens will open, light will shine down, and they’ll get it,” said Crowe with a smile. “I hope what they’ll hear is there’s a lot more of us than they might have thought of to start with.”

And of course you know this post would not be complete without a photo:

Crocheted uterus

Photo of a crocheted uterus - courtesy of WFAA

I have a much better idea. Next time, why not crochet hats with the look/shape of a brain, complete with the muscle detailing and pinkish/reddish coloring? Then, maybe “feminists” nationwide who are participating in this silly narcissistic project can at least give off the impression that they have a brain and would, you know, like to be respected for it and stuff – like real feminists do. 8-|

Update – 5:01 PM: My Twitter friend Dan (@NorthDallas30) slams it out of the ballpark:

Ain’t that the truth.


Quote of the Day, Obama and the Constitution edition

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Don’t be shy, Peter. Tell us how you really feel:

In a deep, fundamental way, [Barack Obama] is no longer a serious man. Nor an honest one. His public words are now purposefully bleached of truth. And that is a painful thing to have to say about an American president.

This is what I love about the Left: if pressed, they inevitably reveal their inner anti-democratic, anti-constitutional souls for all to see. People are telling Obama “no,” and President Thin-Skin doesn’t like it. And when he doesn’t like it, he reverts to the Alinskyite community organizer he’s always been.

And that’s going to cost him.

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Romney as the GOP nominee: Are ya ready?

With the odds increasingly unlikely that Rick Santorum will win the GOP nomination (I’ve read analysis at several sites that say at this point it’s a mathematical impossibility), it’s looking like we’ll get the guy we never thought would have made it this far into the game: Mitt Romney.

Finding it a little hard to stomach myself, but since it is imperative that we defeat the current occupant in the Oval Office in November, I’m gearing up for a brutal general election campaign season and the inevitability that I’ll have to defend him at some point against the kitchen sink Team Obama is preparing (and is in fact already) to throw at him. While I’m prepared to do so, I’m even more (and better) prepared to enthusiastically counter the lies the Obama administration will be cranking out about itself as reasons to keep our celebrity Prez in the WH.

To all – especially anyone else who shares my dislike/distrust of the Mittster – what are your thoughts at this point going forward?