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De Tocqueville foresaw Obama and the Progressive State

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**Posted by Phineas My friend Michael Ledeen has a great essay at PJMedia arguing that Obama’s shocking remarks about the Supreme Court and his apparent questioning of judicial review the other day had nothing really to do with the Constitution, since it was all just politics to him, as his walk-back the next day and […]


QOTD: Obama not understood on #SCOTUS because he is a “constitutional law professor”

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Literally laughing out loud.  From today’s WH press briefing with Jay Carney: Henry: The president is a former constitutional law professor. One of his professors is Laurence Tribe. He now says, in his words, the president “obviously misspoke earlier this week”, quote “he didn’t say what he meant and having said that in order to […]



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New Tone: Report: Marion Barry: ‘Dirty’ Asian stores


Biz Journals

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Over? Newt Gingrich think tank files bankruptcy


Daily Caller

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Heh: MSNBC duped: Network runs satirical fake news from Daily Kos as a real story


Globe & Mail

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AGW: Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers



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Campaign 2012: Romney takes the lead in Pennsylvania


#Trayvon: @CNN cleans up “racist” Zimmerman 911 audio – they say he says “It’s f–king cold”!

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This is absolutely HUGE! The national mainstream media, race pimps and liberal commentators galore have been declaring for weeks that George Zimmerman is guilty of a “vicious hate crime” because he allegedly said “f–king coons” on his 911 call before he “murdered” (their words) Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th. CNN has cleaned up the audio […]