Sentenced to death for being old

Posted by: Phineas on April 8, 2012 at 3:17 pm

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Your ObamaCare health consultant

One of the ways socialized medicine controls cost is to ration care, denying treatment when it’s determined not to be “cost-effective.” Particularly vulnerable are the elderly, who tend to need medical services the most but, according to some people (1) with with connections to the president, really haven’t got much time left, anyway, so care given to them would be better-directed toward those with more to contribute to society.

If you want to see how that works out in practice, just look to the UK, where they’ve had socialized medicine under the NHS since the 1940s.

God help you if you grow old, there:

When Kenneth Warden was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer, his hospital consultant sent him home to die, ruling that at 78 he was too old to treat.

Even the palliative surgery or chemotherapy that could have eased his distressing symptoms were declared off-limits because of his age.

His distraught daughter Michele Halligan accepted the sad prognosis but was determined her father would spend his last months in comfort. So she paid for him to seen privately by a second doctor to discover what could be done to ease his symptoms.

Thanks to her tenacity, Kenneth got the drugs and surgery he needed — and as a result his cancer was actually cured. Four years on, he is a sprightly 82-year-old who works out at the gym, drives a sports car and competes in a rowing team.

‘You could call his recovery amazing,’ says Michele, 51. ‘It is certainly a gift. But the fact is that he was written off because of his age. He was left to suffer so much, and so unnecessarily.’

There’s much more to read in the article, the thrust of which is about age discrimination. It’s estimated that around 14,000 elderly Britons die because they are denied the care they need because their NHS doctor has decided they’re too old to undergo the therapy. And yet, as the case of Mr. Warden and others show, advances in geriatric medicine and surgery have greatly increased the chances of such treatment succeeding.

Left unspoken in the article is the origin of this discrimination against the elderly: the bureaucratic pressure to cut costs that in turn leads to decisions on who’s worth the expense of treating — and who isn’t.

In other words, “death panels.” And yet they called Sarah Palin an idiot and even told her to “leave the room.”

Seems to me she just looked across the Atlantic and saw the future.

via Peter Robinson at Ricochet

(1) Bioethicists, again. These people are starting to scare me.

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8 Responses to “Sentenced to death for being old”


  1. Carlos says:

    Ya wanna know who’s lookin’ out for you? Check who supported the Obamanation called “Affordable Health Care Act,” note the supporters as anti-American and anti-people, check who fought it in toto, note that those are people who believe in freedom, and dismiss those who were too mealy-mouthed to fall either way and mark them as useless tools to keep an eye on and nothing more.

    #1 guarantee: It ain’t the AARP who’s lookin’ out for seniors – they supported their messiah to the max. Wonder how many of those members realize just how much they were screwed with their own dues?

    #2 guarantee: There will be a “doctor” shortage within two years if that abortion isn’t overturned, with nurses taking over many of the functions doctors traditionally do, first with some oversight, then on their own. Way to go, socialists, you’re well on your way to destroying one of the primary reasons our standard of living has been so high.

    Death panels, indeed. The entire duely elected Congress in this case has become the first death panel, sentencing untold millions to death for nothing more than to be old.

  2. Mr. Kimber says:


    I agree 100%. I would also add that the Obama adminstration is in bed with the enviromentalists and these people believe the population of the earth is to high. There fore Obama care just in time for the babyboomers.

  3. Carlos says:

    One would think that, with all the old folks in Congress and a prez that will be “old” in a couple of decades, they might want to rethink “death panels.”

    Problem is, they aren’t and never will be subject to the same laws we are. With the money they steal from us they can afford any doggone health care they want, and we end up paying for their “Silver Cloud” (forget Cadillac – their coverage compliments of the taxpayers makes most “Cadillac” insurance plans look like insurance for trailer trash!) coverage to boot.

    Sometime someone will sneak a provision into some law that demands congresscritters are subject to the same laws we are, with no exceptions. In my dreams, anyway.

  4. Mitch says:

    The downturn of every great civilization in History exhibited some of the same things we are facing today. Not all, but some. Economic failure and the decline of ordinary people’s ability to provide for their family. Increased government spending and increased taxes to pay for it. Realization that increased taxes only made it worse. Panic. The search for scapegoats. The basic SODD defense. Some other Dude did it. (Bush). Finally, looking at reality and admitting that current spending at this pace cannot continue without cuts in basic services. First rule. Cut everywhere else except the people who created the mess in the first place. Those old farts. They get sick all the time. Why not just let them die? How long do they expect to live, anyway? It’s not a social problem, after all. It’s just simple math. He’s seventy-eight years old. So what if he has liver cancer? That’s not our problem. That’s his problem. He should have taken better care of himself. By the way, we got too many people. We need more abortions. You don’t like abortion? It’s just simple math. We got too many people and not enough money. Socialism 101.

    Okay, enough fun. Welcome to the Future. Obama 2012. What have we got to lose? By the way, exactly how old is your Dad, anyway?

  5. Mitch says:

    By the way Phineas, the subjects you bring up here for our consideration and the sources you use to make your points, are priceless. I for one, appreciate your diligence in accomplishing that task so effortlessly. Thank you. There is so much about the defense of Freedom that so many don’t understand. That’s why we are always within a cat’s whisker of losing it. Kudos to Peter Robinson. Kudos to Phineas, in the same breath. We are never more than one day away from losing everything the Founders dreamed for us. I truly believe it is a fight that will go on forever, so long as a single Liberal lives among us on this planet.

  6. Ken66 says:

    There was a case here in Oregon where a woman was denied funding for the medicines she needed for her cancer. She was, however, approved for a suicide pill. Cost: 50 bucks, her dime.

    The death panels are here, ladies and gentlemen, they’re here. And bless Sarah Palin’s heart forever.

  7. Brontefan says:

    I wrote my Senator several times that this ObamaCare was nothing more than a death sentence for seniors… and as a Baby Boomer, I opposed it. All I got back was an email thanking me for my support of HIS perspective. It was frustrating ….

  8. Carlos says:

    Don’t forget the cost of having to get the OK of TWO physicians, Ken. And, as everyone over the age of five with a heartbeat knows, that drives the costs into the hundreds.

    Yep, this wonderland of delight known as Oregon is run by jackasses (mostly Democrap but some Repubs sprinkled in that are really Democraps), and has both death before birth and death before death laws. One is known as “choice” and the other as “with dignity.” How compassionate that the death-mongers would use such soothing language to gloss over murder and suicide.