AP: George Zimmerman to be charged with 2nd degree murder / #Trayvon

Posted by: ST on April 11, 2012 at 5:45 pm

All over the newswires in advance of the expected/announced 6pm presser.

SC lawyer Todd Kincannon speculates the special prosecutor, Angela Corey, is “overcharging” Zimmerman in hopes he’ll plea-down.


I’ll be livetweeting the presser, BTW.

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19 Responses to “AP: George Zimmerman to be charged with 2nd degree murder / #Trayvon”


  1. Tom TB says:

    When the President of the United States of America has already chimed in, it doesn’t seem “change of venue” is an option…

  2. EBL says:


    Maybe. Here is the statute.

    I hope justice is done and this trial is not a farce. And I mean real justice as in really determining what happened that night and seeing if a crime even occurred (I am skeptical there was a crime from all the nonsense that has occurred already–but I do not know since I have not seen the evidence).

  3. Carlos says:

    Yep. As noted in a previous post’s comments, the “aggrieved” community has a winner on its hands. If Zimmerman is found innocent, they will riot because all the “whities” and “honkies” deserve it.

    If Zimmerman is found not guilty, they will riot because all the “whities” and “honkies” deserve it. It’s certainly a win-win situation for all those looking for a reason to riot, tear up the neighborhoods, destroy property and businesses, and just plain steal with little chance of getting busted.

    Of course, the vast majority of that will happen in their own neighborhoods. Good thinking, plantation folk. It just makes the messiah’s message that much louder that you deserve everything for absolutely no effort on your part!

    Last time he ran as the “Great Uniter.” This time he’ll be more real and run as what he really is, the most divisive person in our history, even more so than Lincoln.

  4. Nick says:

    I assume Todd Kincannon meant that Ms. Corey hopes that Mr. Zimmermann’s lawyer will persuade him to “plea down.” I doubt that Mr. Z. will be directing his own legal strategy. I thought Angela Corey is the Attorney General of Florida, not the “special prosecutor.”

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    From the very outset it was obvious nobody learned anything from the Duke lacrosse fiasco and all those missteps are being applied in this case. It will be interesting to see how badly this prosecutor gums this case up and what happens afterward. And the trailer trash media is the straw that stirs the drink.

    I wouldn’t worry so much about Obhammud’s characteristic stupid remarks. Nixon was quoted in the headlines that Charles Manson was guilty but the facts decided that case. Besides, people have stopped taking Obhammud seriously just like they did Nixon.

  6. CZ says:

    Been avoiding this media circus. It’s not easy and definitely not worth my time or trouble. Nothing new here. Will it rain tomorrow?

  7. Chris in N.Va says:

    Ahh, yes, I can just imagine the televised proceedings now:

    If there ain’t no Skittles, you must vote acquittal!

    (Eat your hearts out Johnnie Cochran, Al & Jesse! Now, where did that nice O.J. lad go off to?)

  8. Chris in N.Va says:

    Once this is done, I fully expect Al, Jesse and posse to join hands with the New (well, actually pretty old, long in the tooth and desperately seeking more national attention) Pigmented Pussycat army to seek justice for the HUNDREDS of black youth that have been killed just since Trayvon’s death (93% of which, statistically, were killed by other blacks).

    Yessiree, bob, will be expecting that combined media campaign of racial outrage and solidarity…. about the same time squadrons of winged pigs are seen flying overhead. (Look out below!)

  9. T-Steel says:

    One of the injustices in the Martin-Zimmerman Affair is the elevating of The New Black Panther Party as some “mainstream black political group”. Those knuckleheaded losers have never been more than a poorly organized, fringe group of perpetually mad nobodies that don’t get enough donations to maintain offices in cheap locations. My grandmother’s church in Detroit (a black church) kicked those fools out of their parking when they started their usual banter of bulls**t. I know these jokers from personal experience since I once was a “black nationalist” that saw the light and left that worldview in the outhouse.

    Riots one way or the other? There won’t be. Maybe a couple of dumbasses. But full-fledge LA style riots, nope. The vast majority of we black folks will NEVER advocate any kind of rioting and violence over a trial. And I take great offense to being lumped into a group of losers. Just like fringe right wing groups that advocate race wars DO NOT speak for all white folks.

  10. Mitch says:

    I’m sorry, but race relations in this country will never get any better than they are right now. Black people in this country will never be satisfied. What Martin Luther King and his White counterparts accomplished, was only temporary. All it did was to serve as a temporary cease fire, while both sides gathered more ammunition. Just like the Mexicans want to take over Arizona, the Blacks want to take over the country that made them slaves. Actually, they have already achieved their goal. Black people have such large numbers working for the Federal Government in almost every capacity, that they overshadow almost every other ethnicity. Try to apply for any Federal job offering. The entire system is controlled by Blacks. Piss them off and your hopes for a Government job are History. My wife found that our by personal experience. All you people who think this country is getting better and everyone loves each other are dreaming. This President is the most devisive and Racist President this country has ever had in it’s History. But Monkey that he is, he is not the real problem. The problem is the idiots who think somehow he is the solution. God Help us.

  11. tommy mc donnell says:

    this is duke lacrosse II, i wonder if corey is related to nifong. i read the indicment, its nothing more then her opinion. she claims zimmerman followed and attacked martin without one shred of evidence.

  12. T-Steel says:

    And Mitch, it is non-facts like yours that don’t help. Actually Hispanics are among the bottom regarding Federal Employees according to the official report:


    If you don’t want to read it, here are the numbers for 2010:

    White : 66.2%
    Black : 17.7%
    Hispanic or Latino : 8%
    Asian/Pacific Islander : 5.6%
    American Indian : 1.8%

    In areas where there may be majority black by population, YES there may be more federal workers that are black. But hardly the majority across the nation to take over anything. Stop it already.

  13. ST says:

    T-Steel! Good to see you. Appreciate your comments as always.

  14. Mitch says:


    I respect you for calling me on something where I may have overstepped my knowledge of the facts. I would do the same to you if I caught you spicing your argument with statistics without wings. But, statistics are one thing and reality is another. Statistics can be manipulated and often come from sources of the Left. When I speak to you and others on this site, I speak to you not from statistics, but from personal experience. Couple years ago we thought we wanted to relocate to Texas. Moved to Houston. I’m retired, but my wife is twelve years younger and still in the job force. We sent out hundreds of applications for Government jobs that she was perfectly qualified for because of her education and experience. All of the applications for Government posts go to a clearing center, I believe somewhere in Maryland. Not sure if the location is accurate, but in any case, all applications for government job postings are processed in one center back east. When she didn’t get a response on an application for a position she felt she was qualified for, she called to talk to someone about it. She got a person of African-American descent, which I believe is the correct language. She argued with this person. From that point on, each application she made for a government position was denied for some reason or other. Silly things, ridiculous things. Not crossing a T or not dotting an I. Point of all this is that each of her applications was rejected for one reason. She got on the wrong side of a black government worker who took offense to her asking pointed questions. Her name was flagged. She posted another hundred applications or so and finally gave up. We moved back to Tucson and started a new business.

    As for your comments about Mexicans, you obviously don’t live in Tucson, Arizona.
    Walk into any government office in Tucson and go to any counter. I’ll give you twenty bucks for every person you find who is not Mexican. I don’t expect to owe you much money, because I run a business here in Tucson and I’ve already been through all the local government offices. Give me all the statistics your computer can spit out. I’ve been there, physically, in the offices of our esteemed State and County and City Governments. Tucson, Arizona is run through a cooperation of an idiotic, Liberal City Council and a Democratic Mayor and any number of local Hispanic organizations that guarantee that most city jobs are filled by, you guessed it, Mexicans. If not Mexicans, at least Liberals. Because of the Congressional race as the result of Gabrielle Gifford’s retirement, everyone is watching Arizona right now. Fatcheeks Obama is scheduled for a visit to Tucson, to try to keep one of the Republican Candidates from succeeding. People are fainting in the street right now on the hope they might get a glimpse of her. Pretty hard to miss, would be my observation.

    Statistics are great for making an argument, T Steel. But statistics do not often support reality. That is why the Left uses them so much. Don’t fall into that trap. On a scale of ten, I give College Perfessers and Statistics about a 2. I get my knowledge of the world around me by walking down the street in whatever city I happen to live in.
    I gather that you have considerable respect here on this site and I take note of that.
    I respect you too. But I also demand respect. Don’t shower me with bullshit. I was born on a farm in Tennessee. I know what it smells like.

    I believe your comment was, “stop it already.” I would ask the same of you. Tell me what you think. Don’t quote statistics to me. In this corrupt world we live in, statistics are just more bullshit piled on the rest we have already had to endure and you see where that has got us. Tell me what you think.

  15. Mitch says:

    My comments here on this site are being moderated. The rest of you can post what you like. It appears immediately on the big screen. Not mine. Yeah sure, I’m such a radical person with wild and crazy ideas. I believe in Freedom. I think our Federal Damned Government is simply out of control. I believe our President is an absolute Idiot. I give us one chance in three of ever again gaining control of our own government. I’m dangerous. My posts are, “awaiting moderation.” A person can’t have these thoughts without being, “moderated.” Whatever that means.

    Sister Toldjah, I really thought you were real. I really did. i really thought you were part of the Conservative movement. A mistake in judgement. i stand corrected. It won’t happen again.

  16. Mitch says:

    Even on this obviously conservative site.which proclaims itself to be conservative, each and every one of you is afraid of offending black people, when in fact, they routinely offend the rest of us every single day of every single week. They have no problem in doing so. In fact, they enjoy it. You know it and I know it and all of you are afraid of saying so. Because of your fear of offending Black people, you have lost the ability to take pride in your own race and the accomplishments you and the people you came from have accomplished. I am all in favor of heaping great praise on all the black people in this country who have shaken loose the bonds of their history and become part of the dynamic machine that is the American dream. I absolutely love Condoleeza Rice. I view her as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. What a wonderful human being. What a great contribution she made to this country. General Colin Powell. Do you have any idea what he had to overcome to reach the position in our government he finally achieved? Probably not. Colonel Allen West. Another great American. Sorry, but he’s black. My first choice for President in this current election. Yeah, I’m racist through and through. That’s why I applaud and support the great Black Americans who have chosen to shake the bonds of slavery and challenge the rest of the world to accept them for their achievements and not the color of their skin. Herman Cain might have a few words on that. Why don’t the rest of the black population see these people as the shining examples they are? Instead, they celebrate the election to the highest position in our government of a a hustler and a street organizer from Chicago. The most corrupt and dishonest person to ever live in our White House. Go figure.

  17. T-Steel says:

    Glad to be back ST! Took a long break from commenting on anything due to health reasons. But I’m at about 90% full health and that’s good enough! :)

  18. Mitch says:

    Well T-Steel and St, I may be dumb but i’m not stupid. Don’t have to hit me in the head with a post, to get my attention. I hope you continue to enjoy your little empire here that you have created for yourselves. It is good that you exempt reality or outside conversations from your perfectly created world. That way there is no threat and you can continue to live in your dreams. The only negative is the way you present yourself to the rest of the world. You present yourself as a Conservative site. As it turns out, you are anything but. But, I am willing to help you. I belong to probably twenty Conservative sites. I will let them know what you are really all about.

    You know, it is amazing to me that Conservatives, as a group, become somewhat arrogant, as they feel they have gained some small degree of importance on the landscape. Well, I’m here to tell you that the landscape is a lot larger than you imagined. Your importance even less so.

    I think Sister Toldjha had a good idea when she established this site. Unfortunately, it has been taken over by others and has morphed into something Sister never envisioned. Maybe she is actually no longer in control. i’ve never had a conversation with her, so I have no way of knowing.

    I have had conversations with ST and T-Steel. Well, not actually. You can’t call our interactions conversation. They have pretty much been one-sided.

    A Conservative site with great potential. Dominated by the wrong kind of people. A loss to all of us. No worries, really. We really have much bigger things to concern us.

  19. ST says:

    Mitch, sounds like you need to move along and find a blog more suitable to your needs. Bye bye.